Hypnoxys Decentralized Messaging Application Successfully Reaches Hard-Cap with Incentivised Dapp

Hypnoxys Decentralized Messaging Application Successfully Reaches Hard-Cap with Incentivised Dapp

Danish Cryptocurrency Platform, Hypnoxys, Hits a Remarkable landmark with HYPT- crypt

The use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies payment and transactions is gradually increasing globally and the problem faced is the lack of regulatory protection and price volatility which deter its wider use.

Hypnoxys is one of the cryptocurrency projects that is currently emerging.

The platform has introduced blockchain technology into the instant messaging industry to encourage the growth of the industry adopting the usage of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Hypnoxys users depend mostly on chatting, video calling, and audio calling. Online chatting has enabled streaming, and content distribution platforms have made it easy for Hypnoxys users to make their work available to the masses users.


Time to change

Hypnoxys want to offer our industry a new way to be able to use instant messaging services without a third-party to worry about the security of your chats in an encrypted and transparent way using blockchain technology.

Furthermore, centralized systems have been taking advantage of user data and conversations for quite some time, and that needs to change.

In a bid to making messages impossible to be decrypted by anyone, the messages move from the user to the blockchain without any form of obstruction, and they are then encrypted with a process called HYPX-crypt.


With the advent of this decentralized application, HYPX, native crypto can be received by the user of the application.

A 1.25x multiplier boosts HYPX earnings, and higher revenue can be gained by users when a user holds 5,000,000 HYPX tokens and adds advertising to the application.

Furthermore, HYPX can be transferred between users through the Dapp, paving the way for a possible ecosystem to develop and grow in the HYPX community.

Now and Then

With a rapid distribution of over 31,000,000,000 tokens through token sale, pre-sale, and with the help of two Denmark financial institutions, Hypnoxys has been able to raise a hard cap of $2,234,000 for the project in a matter of days, thereby making the HYPX model a trustworthy platform for investors and users.

There are many projects, blockchain or not, who are vying for a portion of the messenger market, one that is diverse and gigantic. But none are doing in such a way where the users benefit from not only having peace of mind, knowing their discussions and data aren’t being tapped, but also having a means to earn crypto on the platform passively.

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