How to Earn more from your Trading on Binance with SmartBinance

How to Earn more from your Trading on Binance with SmartBinance

Released months ago and with hundreds of users who use it every day, SmartBinance is a project that aims to allow users to trade more advanced and secure on Binance.

In fact SmartBinance adds some important advanced features to Binance, such as the ability to set take-profit and stop-loss on the same order without the crypto being blocked, or the trailing-stop (dynamic take-profits that adapt to the growth of price) or even the possibility of creating chains of conditional orders (OCO orders, One Cancel the Other).

Thanks to these features it is possible to create real trading strategies, otherwise very difficult to achieve, which are shown in detail in one of the video tutorials published by the platform.

At the moment, the project has more than 17,000 orders processed and a very active Telegram community.

Registration on the site is free and gives access to many of the site’s features; for the more advanced options, a Premium paid account with a monthly fee is available.


Included in the Premium account you also have access at SmartSignals, a service who automate trading signals from the best Telegram channels directly on your account.

Although the system connects to your Binance account, the platform does not require your login information, but only the Keys API generated on Binance, the safest way to connect your account to other services.

You do not even have to activate the money transfer permits in such a way that no one, not even SmartBinance itself, will ever be able to withdraw your funds.

As additional security measures you can limit the use at SmartBinance server address, so no attacker can ever perform operations for you, and the data will be saved in encrypted mode on the secure servers of SmartBinance.

Also you can activate Google 2-factor authentication for access to the site, which makes the platform almost invulnerable.

To learn more, you can take a look at the video tutorials where all the features of the site are shown:

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