How MILC Offers Security to Media Content Trading

How MILC Offers Security to Media Content Trading

MILC is a blockchain initiative by Welt der Wunder, a major player in producing, broadcasting and marketing video content in Germany and other countries. The current marketplace of content producers, owners and consumers are being churned by the lack of licensing standardization leading to an insecure ecosystem where intermediaries find ways to inflate the price of the content without adding any value to the same.
The security that MILC blockchain brings to Media content trading is the big advantage of tokenization. Let us understand how will it manifest.

Manipulation resistant

The media content is converted into a smart token that cannot be manipulated as they have an automated channel of execution. The content licensing happens via a smart contract that prevents the intervention of intermediary thus keeping the content secure.

No content can be copied

The video content is uploaded by the owner and the licensing agreement is converted into a smart contract. Each video file is uploaded to the cloud and its low-resolution version is made available on the platform for the consumers to make a decision. These video files can neither be copied nor downloaded.

Payment surety

The mechanism of the platform involves consumers and producers. A consumer makes the payment in BTC, ETH, USD or EURO, and the exchange converts them into MILCs and transfers them into producer account only when the video is released to the consumer.

Security of brand

Welt der Wunder collaborated with SwissTXT and Swisscom to offer the security of highest level. The operational safety by SwissTXT and Blockchain security by Swisscom Blockchain AG will make MILC platform a highly secure and trustless ecosystem for the benefit of both producers and consumers.

Low Fees

The video content producers are being charged 30% to 50% by intermediaries for sale of their video content. Even the consumers are paying way too much for the video content. The MILC platform brings the security of low fee with just 10% flat figure which is significantly lower than what the intermediary charge.
MILC is a disruptive platform that will change the relationship of video content producers and consumers forever. The pilot is primarily for the internal execution and soon will evolve into an open marketplace that will bring high-quality video content producers to consumers.
The brokers, agents and other types of intermediaries will be eliminated from the ecosystems, who are exploiting both producers and consumers. The consumers and the producers can contact each other directly over a platform that offers them standardization of licensing along with the flexibility of additional negotiations.

Producer challenges

In the current international market, the producers are being highly exploited as they get trapped in expensive sales network or if they plan to tread the international markets alone, they begin to underprice their video content due to lack of transparency. With MILC platform, the producers will have access to a uniform and secure ecosystem where they can view other uploads, understand the competitive pricing and add licensing and pricing according to international standards.

Consumer Challenges

Due to lack of standardization of licensing, the consumers spend a lot of time and money in acquiring the rights they desire for the video. With the increasing intervention of intermediaries, the prices of low-quality videos are increasing and the consumers end up buying and broadcasting these videos for the heavy price they pay.

Final thought

The constant pressure that producers and consumers were facing led to the revolutionary blockchain initiative by Welt der Wunder TV that will offer them a secure platform to trade the video content which is highly in demand for better conversion ratios.
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