Hoskinsea Marketplace Continues HSK Token Private Sale As it looks to Spearhead Cardano NFT Sales

Hoskinsea Marketplace Continues HSK Token Private Sale As it looks to Spearhead Cardano NFT Sales

The decentralized marketplace, Hoskinsea, spearheaded Cardano non-fungible tokens (NFTs) sales with a vision of developing the NFT ecosystem and supporting the community’s humanitarian efforts through various innovations and novel functionalities.

The marketplace is exceptional with its ability to let individuals develop personal NFTs on the Cardano network, and the token owners can showcase and trade their collection. Hoskinsea is responsible for funding various projects determined by its community by utilizing the Cardano Initial Stake Pool Offering mechanism. Its users can stake Cardano ADA in one of the Hoskinsea Cardano Stake Pools to get HSK tokens to distribute them extensively.

The Cardano-based marketplace allows content producers to promote their projects via limited edition trailers and NFTs, disseminated uniformly among platform consumers. The marketplaces function as a trustable content dispenser for several media projects to protect rights management on the Cardano distributed ledger. Voting for favorite NFT projects qualifies users for NFT airdrops generated by the projects. It enables them to be part of a multi-billion dollar company.

As the HSK token private sale continued for investors to buy, a share of the project’s distribution royalties was paid to users who stake their tokens. Additionally, the tokens are traded on CEX/DEXs to ensure overall token allocation and user participation.

HSK token private sale 


1 ADA = 100 HSK Token

Minimum Purchase: 200 ADA

Maximum Purchase: 20000 ADA

According to their website, Hoskinsea NFT marketplace was elated to be established on the Cardano blockchain. It believes digital currency aims to offer a unique financial infrastructure to the unbanked. They hope to continue innovating and establishing new functionality in the Cardano NFT space to propel its growth.

About Hoskinsea Marketplace

It is a digital art gallery and marketplace that facilitates arts sales such as PNGs, JPGs, and SVGs. Also, it is for digital properties where users can trade gaming items, crypto-collectibles, and other digital assets. For more information, visit https://www.hoskinsea.io/.


Email: Support@hosakinsea.io.

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/hoskinseanews.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hoskinsea_io.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/generational-wealth-society/.