Hoskinsea Launches NFT Marketplace And $HSK Curation Token

Hoskinsea Launches NFT Marketplace And $HSK Curation Token

Hoskinsea, a non-fungible token (NFT) and crypto-collectibles marketplace built on the Cardano network, is elated to announce the launch of its curation token.

According to the team, the curation token, the $HSK token, is a means to identify and empower new curatorial talent in the Hoskinsea community.

The Hoskinsea team explains:

“We are excited to announce a decentralized vision for the future of digital art, which puts the power where it should be in the hands of the community. We began by helping spark a revolution for art. Today we spark a revolution for ownership.”

Hoskinea envisions a vibrant ecosystem of creators, galleries, artist collectives, and community members. The platform seeks to create a space that onboards artists, allowing them to collaborate on auctions under the shared brand and technology of Hoskinsea.


Hoskinsea is reportedly one of the largest marketplaces for Cardano NFTs, building tools that allow consumers to trade their items freely, developers to build rich, integrated marketplaces for their digital objects, and creators to launch new digital works.

The HSK tokens are created to serve different utilities on the platform. Firstly, the tokens allow holders to participate in governance and voting. Holders will be able to take part in the decision-making process on issues affecting the ecosystem. The tokens can be used to purchase NFTs from the Hoskinsea marketplace at a discounted price.

As the Hoskinsea marketplace grows, $HSK holders will use their assets to purchase AD slots for their NFTs. Holders also benefit from the platform by earning a fixed percentage of profits made from all transactions carried on the platform through the transaction fee redistribution model.

$HSK holders can choose to stake their tokens and earn more tokens. In addition, the tokens grant holders exclusive privileges, including access to rare edition NFTs, which are only available during the public mint.

Currently, Hoskinea is holding a private sale for 10% of its $HSK total supply. The minimum purchase has been set for 200 ADA, and a maximum purchase is 20000 ADA. All transactions will be done in ADA, with one ADA equating to 100 HSK tokens. 

In the coming days, Hoskinsea plans to list $HSK on exchanges, launch NFT cross-chain interoperability, and its mobile application.