An Honest Review of the Streamity Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Rating


Streamity successfully concluded its pre-sale raising over $2.8 million in total. New participants were continuously queuing to take part in the pre-ICO but were cut short by time and the project had already exceeded its pre-sale targets. In this article we review the components of the Streamity exchange project that made it possible to attract thousands of investors during presale.

Unique Streamdesk Services

In its white paper Streamity clearly illustrates the functionalities of a unique system designed to be the projects transaction processing engine.
StreamDesk is mostly applauded for its end to end security enforced by locking transactions into smart contracts. The service would allow incoming transaction in either a fiat currency or one of the crypto currencies listed on the exchange.
StreamDesk is also the exchange without intermediaries engine of the Streamity platform where a list of cryptocurrencies can be exchanged directly to a fiat currency.
The cryptocurrency industry especially the main bitcoin blockchain is marred with escalated transaction fees and annoying delayed transaction confirmation time. StreamDesk coherently solves both of these problems. The project has marked a maximum transaction fees of just two percent of the transaction volume to make sure small transactions can be sent.
In order to ensure that transactions do not take long time to propagate from one node to the other, the team has developed a sophisticated StreamDesk algorithm that runs independently of intermediaries.

Simple and Clear Business Model

One of the major attributes that rallied a lot of support for the Streamity project presale is the simple and clear business model the company explains in its whitepaper. Streamity has emphasised self sustainability of the platform and gave a systematic breakdown of how its tokens would be distributed after its main ICO is concluded.
It is true that the cryptocurrency exchanges still possess a lot of untapped potentials which gives a lot of opportunities to new firms to establish business a little more easily.
Streamity is to implement a fair KYC policy when it starts operating to reduce the risks of money laundering on the platform. Combining KYC, smart Contract and additional security measures such as two factor authentication gives a higher level of security to the platform.
News, Analysis and education resources all in one location. Streamity includes a content publishing platform on its main site which will be available on the web and and smartphone apps. This sections will publish news, cryptocurrencies analysis and educational content to the audience. Streamity strive to ensure that every part of the exchange runs smoothly thus the news section will have some of the industry’s best reporters, professional analyst and content creators feeding it regulalar with new material.

The Project Team

The last swaying factor which made the Streamity presale a major success is the project team. A brief background check on the Streamity team will excite every investor.
with years of experience in activities ranging from software engineering to business development there is no doubt that the team is here for excellence. Unlike major cryptocurrency projects where founders remain anonymous, the Streamity founder,  Vladislav  Kuznetsov, and his staff are available and can be interacted with at anytime on social media or personal emails.

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