Hitting the Digital Content With BeatzCoin And VibraVid


Nowadays, earning cash through the internet is more than just a trend, it is killing the traditional entertainment industry by hitting it with the hammer justice. Problem is, the new face of normalcy is the conglomerates like Youtube, who now, more than ever, capitalize on the hard work of the content creator.

Hitting the Digital Content With BeatzCoin And VibraVid
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With the help of technology, social media, and the internet, expressing individual visions to the world is now attainable with the click of a mouse. It is true that the drive of digital content intermediates is to keep as big as a slice of pie to themselves. Turning back the clock to early 2005 when Youtube hit the scene as a way to share home videos, they blew up and started offering ample compensation for views and advertising. As they continue to grow, the content creators piece of the pie continues to shrink.  The blockchain could just turn their world upside down and offer higher compensation by following a decentralized business model. VibraVid Inc., the newest kid on the block has come into the scene, effectively driving interaction between content creators and their fans. Developed on the Tron network and utilizing the BitTorrent protocol VibraVid Inc. turned their attention to the unfair treatment of content creators by “Big Business”. The VibraVid team developed a cryptocurrency utility token called BeatzCoin (BTZC), which is to be used as the in-platform currency to enable users to self-market, buy content, and earn exclusive content directly from the creators themselves.

VibraVid- created as a resource for promoting content produced by creators (video, audio, photo) and bringing it to the consumer. Its goal is to upend the media sharing industry by enabling self-marketing and user-engagement. The purpose is to foster direct interaction with users and creators in order to develop an effective strategy to increase personal audience, which will ultimately contribute to revenue for all project participants.

Within the framework of the platform, it will be possible to view or listen to a variety of digital materials by creators using both the PC and smartphones. Both, the media content creators and users will be able to earn and spend through the advanced ecosystem enabled marketplace using a multitude of different cryptocurrencies within an honest, safe and secure system. The more cryptocurrencies to be added on to the platform, the higher the liquidity is for users.

“Undoubtedly, I couldn’t imagine VV’s (VibraVid’s) current status when I entered the core team back in April 2018. One year has passed and it seems like yesterday. Over the course of a year, I perceived BeatzCoin through a variety of perspectives. This is due to the market’s ups and downs, migration from ETH to TRX blockchain, the decision to conduct a pre-token-trading-event during the worst bear market after December 2017, etc.


However, it seemed that every time BeatzCoin was ready to unexpectedly overcome any uprising issues against its proper development. I will never forget when we decided to create our Telegram community and move over from Discord. We had our 100th member in August, and by October we would surpass 18,000!” – Chief Business Development Officer in BeatzCoin, Tasos Oureilidis said

It has not been an easy road for BeatzCoin, the bearish trends in the cryptocurrency market for all of 2018 made it extremely difficult for new projects to flourish.  In a time where the term “shit coin” was thrown around and many projects crashed and burned, BeatzCoin was able to come out ahead. They are currently ranked in the top 5 for the Tron Super Representative and are currently profitable incorporation that uses funds to further develop the VibraVid platform, which is set to release towards the end of June 2019.

Listen to how K.D.T. stepped up the game with the song Killaz Don’t Talk: BeatzCoin and the Killaz, Tron Trx Crypto Bitcoin Rap.

Also, Rufus Arthur Johnson (Bizzare), former singer from the band D12 with Eminem endorsed BEATZCOIN and even the famous in the blockchain space, John McAfee shows his support for BEATZCOIN.

Hitting the Digital Content With BeatzCoin And VibraVid

The trend of digital content is a big opportunity, not just for the content creators but also for those big corporations, as more digital content is created and published online through their platform.

Let us end this, we are not these ” company killers”. We consider ourselves as “the new era for digital content creators”. A new way to Create, Distribute and Consume Digital Content is what VibraVid and BeatzCoin are all about.

More brands are enthusiastically embracing the idea of digital content and the competitive landscape is quickly changing. You can find more tools to create and improve your digital content every day, but what is more important is to find your brand and focus on your niche. As long as you enjoy it, go for it. Do your best and leave the rest with BeatzCoin as it provides the best user experience possible. Turn the wrong things back to right, give the power back to the content creators, that’s CEO Steven Zambron’s goal. Earn money with your niche, build a better brand performance and be the first to make it viral on the VibraVid Platform.

Hitting the Digital Content With BeatzCoin And VibraVid

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