Healthureum Fuses Blockchain And HealthCare To Better Lives; Token Pre-Sale Begins December 16.


The Estonia-based Health startup Healthureum has announced its project to tackle the expected health care expenditure, which is expected to go up between 2.4% and 7.5% by 2020 worldwide. Healthureum is poised to minimize these healthcare expenditures, and also reduce inefficiencies in operation, resources, data, drug sourcing, and technology.
Just like in Japan, where METI rewards firms that engage in health preventative care and productivity, The Healthureum program will benefit all stakeholders and patients by enabling access to expert services at reduced costs.  It will also provide resources, infrastructure, and operational requirements.
As confirmed by and CTO Malcolm Wilkinson:
“In 2015, a record 112 million healthcare record data breaches occurred due to IT hacks. Now imagine how the use of an interoperable Blockchain could mitigate this risk due to its cryptographic nature, bringing a new level of integrity to healthcare data management.”  
According to Deloitte, telehealth, virtual reality, and immunotherapy are among the top ten innovations in healthcare that will “achieve more for less”, if the challenge of availability of technical know-how, to integrate and share data between systems is adequately mitigated.
The Healthureum Mission
Healthureum is poised to employ Blockchain technology in establishing a dynamic and multi-functional health services ecosystem, transforming healthcare management. The Healthureum project guarantees users access to Physicians, Specialists, quality medical infrastructure and access to first-of-its-kind innovative treatments and philanthropic sponsorship programs.
Healthureum LPC Danuta Kowalska said that: ” Through Blockchain, we can achieve decentralized healthcare, closing the gap between services: through transparency, security and most importantly accountability.”
The Healthureum project will use Blockchain technology and smart contract to achieve standardization, scalability and social responsibility.
Healthureum token holders will have a world-class infrastructure with data transparency (patients will have access to their health info at any time), real-time historical data,  easy data sharing between patients and healthcare practitioners and more.
The Healthureum token (HTH) is the project’s native currency will be used for all transactions. HTH token will also be used to compensate medical practitioners who offer referrals and second opinions. Patients could also get rewarded with HTH tokens when they share their medical data for research purposes within the healthureum project. These patients real identities remain hidden from the public.
The Healthureum CTO and data scientist, Malcolm Wilkinson, has a background in big data, data science, and Python programming language. The programmer has reiterated that: “By adopting a decentralized approach to data management, we eliminate human errors, third-party influence, the risk of tampering and manipulation. Thus, we can achieve a more robust means for storing and sharing data securely.
The Healthureum Token Generation Pre-Sale and Token Generation Event
The Pre-Sale goes live on December 16 and will run until December 30. The Crowdsale begins on January 10, 2018, and runs until February 13, 2018. There is a spectacular bonus program during the pre-sale.
Number of Tokens Available 4.4 million HTH
Day 1 -45%
Week1 – 35%
Week 2 – 25%
TGE Sale Bonus:
Number of Available Tokens: 28.3 million HTH
Day 1 – 22%
Week 1 -17%
Week 2 – 12%
Week 3 – 7%
Week 4 – 2%
Week 5 – 0%
How To Invest in the Healthureum Project
Sign Up on
Read The Participation Guide on your dashboard
Purchase using BTC/ETH/ECH
Send payment to specified wallet
You will receive a confirmation email
Once the TGE ends, you’ll collect HTH tokens which could be traded or held for future growth.
The HTH is an ERC20 token with a TGE soft cap of $15 million and a total supply of 150 million token.
For more information please visit

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