Healthureum – Where Blockchain Technology Meets Healthcare


Blockchain is an ever-evolving technology with limitless applications. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Healthureum is quite an innovative platform which brings healthcare and blockchain technologies on a common platform.
This platform is aimed at bringing more transparency to the healthcare industry – thereby reducing dishonesty in the sector – helping give the industry a good name, as well as helping those in need of healthcare get the best of services.
About Healthureum
Healthureum makes use of smart contracts to improve the efficiency of the healthcare systems. Over the years there have been many IT incidents which have brought healthcare to a standstill. Security breaches, data leaks and other similar incidents have affected the industry adversely.
With Healthureum, the goal is to bring a number of different aspects of healthcare on a common platform. These include the likes of data management, doctor referrals, consultations as well as philanthropy. The technology aims at decentralizing healthcare and bringing in a greater amount of transparency in the systems.
Plans for such a system which brings healthcare and cryptocurrencies together have been floating for quite some time now. The brainstorming process actually began in Q3 2016 – following which a team was set-up to develop the infrastructure needed for this platform to function. A detailed roadmap till 2019 has been prepared.
Here’s a quick video-based explanation of the technology and how it functions: 

Why Healthureum?

  • A better records management system: Many patients have not been able to get proper healthcare due to improper records management. Some records may get deleted or misplaced – giving the patients a tough time. However, with the blockchain technology that Healthureum uses, manipulation or misplacement of records becomes almost impossible.
  • Enhanced Payments System: The system maintains proper records of the services which have been provided to the patients – and the patients will pay only for these services. An automated payments platform on the system helps faster and easier processing of payments.
  • Data Protection and Privacy: When it comes to privacy of an individual – their medical data is among one of the most crucial pieces of information. Blockchain technology is perhaps the best way to keep the data safe and private. The data will be protected by cryptographic algorithms and all data will be time-stamped meaning no one can alter it in the future.Smart Contracts: Healthureum makes use of smart contracts to remove middle-men from various processes. Tasks are auto-executed as well as transparent – increasing the accountability as well as reducing errors and fraud.

Healthureum Cryptocurrency Token
Another major aspect of Healthureum is the Cryptocurrency token of this platform. The Healthureum cryptocurrency token, abbreviated as HHEM – will be the primary means of payment for all transactions on the Healthureum network.
It ensures that the process of payment remains automated and you will be automatically charged for the healthcare services that you avail. This makes it faster as well as cashless.
Users can easily access medical professionals over video conferencing and seek medical advice from them – paying them via the HHEM tokens for their time and advice.
Medical infrastructure too will be managed by these HHEM tokens. The system knows which equipment or drugs are in high demands and automatically performs inventory related functions such as orders and purchases via the Healthureum HHEM tokens.
Moreover, philanthropy – which is a big part in the world of healthcare will be made easier with the HHEM cryptocurrency token. Users would be able to donate with ease using the token.
Healthureum has the potential to change the way we know the world of healthcare technology to be. It is a revolutionary concept which can potentially help millions of individual around the world while also protecting medical data and bringing in transparency in the systems. More details about Healthureum can be sought at

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