Hada DBank Blockchain-Powered Islamic Bank Ink Partnership Deal With Vostad

Hada DBank Blockchain-Powered Islamic Bank Ink Partnership Deal With Vostad

The Hada DBank token generation event has been live since May 1, 2018, and it runs until May 31, 2018. F1Cryptos is the main facilitator of the TGE, and they’re focused on selling 50 million HADACoins during the sale.
Barely one week after the launch of the TGE, Vostad signed a strategic partnership deal with Hada DBank. Now, the Founder and Director of Vostad, Zahid Rashid Mir has joined the Hada team as an advisor in events and investor relations.
He reiterated that:

“We at Vostad believes the potential of Hada DBank and its dynamic business module. The team behind the development of the project are very ambitious with high determination to push forward the project globally and we intend to support this. Vostad and Hada DBank will work hand in hand to ensure quality innovative products and services be made available to the public.”

Zahid is a self-motivated business leader and technology enthusiast. At current, he is the chairman and managing director of Vostad Global.
He’s been in the field of international business management for over ten years, training great team leaders and facilitating over $500 million worth of business deals.
Vostad’s primary objective is helping its partners raise capital, close big deals, explore new markets and more.
The Banglore-based firm has facilitated deals worth over $1 billion since inception. It has also brought together over  50,000 business executives globally via more than 200 proprietary business platforms.
Vostad is the main organizer of the Blockchain Summits for Islamic Banking (BIBSUMMIT) globally.
The strategic partnership of Hada and Vostad is aimed at encouraging more blockchain adoption in the Middle East, Americas, and Africa.
The Interim CEO and Chairman of Hada DBank, Hisyam Mokhtar said that:

“We are delighted to have both Mr. Zahid Mir and Vostad joining our expanding team of advisors and partners. Having them both joining our experienced and prominent advisors and partners will expedite the process to introduce HADA DBank and our products to the mainstream market especially in the Middle East where they have extensive experience in dealing and insight of the market, as well as convincing future investors to participate in our project. We look forward to their guidance along with our existing advisors and partners to bring HADA DBank to a greater height.”

Token Sale Information

The first 1 million HADACoins to be sold will be at a conversion rate of 3,000 HADA for 1 ETH. Subsequently, the price would become 1,500 Hada for 1 ETH. The minimum contribution is 0.15 ETH per investor.
A soft cap of 5,000 ETH and a Hard cap of 30, 000 ETH has been set as targets for the TGE.
For more information visit https://www.hada-dbank.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/HADADBank
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HadaDBank
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hadadbank.official/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hadadbank/
Medium: https://medium.com/@hadadbank
Website: https://deasset.ca/
Email: cmo@hada-dbank.com

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