Gosocket Blockchain Platform Teams up with Hive to Disrupt the Latin American Markets

Gosocket Blockchain Platform Teams up with Hive to Disrupt the Latin American Markets

Taking the center stage now is Hive and Gosocket, who recently put their pen to papers and wrapped up a deal to pool their effort together to shake the financial world.
The financial industry sure has a reason to be hopeful as this alliance is the first of its kind in the business space.
Users of Gosocket and Hive are now on the waiting list to get liquidity as well as other invoices waiting for funding on the terminal of HVN Anticipos. This indeed is the first “global blockchain based invoicing financing solution.”

Background Check into Hive

Last year at the CoinAgenda Global Award, Hive was graced with the title of best token sale for 2017.
The company which utilizes blockchain technology to grant specialized and unique fingerprints to invoices presented was recognized for the unique inventions which have eased a lot of stress in the financial industry.
This great innovation by Hive has covered one more gap between blockchain technology the global invoice financing market which is estimated to be more than 3 trillion EUR annually.

Information about the Deal

Base on this partnership between both companies, this has launched Hive as one of the pioneers who happens to be a blockchain startup to make their way into the established economic framework that has demonstrated expertise in the area of use-cases in the global finance industry.
Gosocket, on the other hand, is a seasoned democrat in its chosen field with well over 1 million active users.
The company based in Chile can boast of prepayments on their platform by users hitting a sum of 7billion dollars with over half a billion e-invoices that have already been cleared.
This fusion is indeed bedrock for Hive, as it will help to skyrocket it into the achievement of its goals and is certainly one to be recorded into the books of significant accomplishments.
Officials from both organizations expressed their joy over the project as Ugur Yildrim who is a partner and CFO for Hive mentioned:

“Today is a remarkable day for our young company, with us completing our token sale a year ago. Merging our revolutionary blockchain-based solution and the HVN token with Gosockett’s Anticiopos will not only help and catapult our business growth and development in key Latin American markets but also give us the ability to use Gosocket’s technology in Europe. Apart from making a great business case in the global finance industry, this agreement will also create a strong organic demand for our utility token (HVN) because all users will need to access the invoices traded on the HVN-Anticipos Terminal.”
“After 15 years of delivering e-invoicing solutions and with commercial operations in 12 countries throughout Latin America as an open network based on the exchange of e-invoices between suppliers and buyers and buyers, Gosocket’s has been developing some disruptive concepts including proactive financial services for SMEs, and our Partnership with Hive Project brings what we believe will be probably the next step in the digitization of financial services…the usage of cryptocurrency,” Quipped Gosocket’s CEO,

Mario Fernandez

People from Latin America, in general, should be positively waiting for the HVN_Anticipos as it will entirely give a facelift to the financing of SMEs and give the financial world a new shift at large.
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