Good News For TRON Enthusiasts As TRX Dethrones Cardano To Become 11th Largest Cryptocurrency

Tron (TRX) Still Struggling Despite Key Development Updates, Properly Bullish Above $0.30

Tron (TRX) is now the eleventh-largest cryptocurrency with a $1.13 billion market cap. After swimming in a blood bath for quite some time, the Justin Sun brainchild is showing signs of recovering. This comes on the heels of a great mention of Tron by DApps-centric analytics firm

On top of that, TRX could soon be on McAfee’s new decentralized exchange McAfeeDEX. As for Sun’s lunch with Warren Buffett, the Tron founder recently rekindled the hopes of it finally happening.

Meanwhile, TRX is trading at $0.017484 with 6.21% gains on the day. Q3 Report: Tron Is The Largest Blockchain Platform Launched After 2017

In the report recently published, assessed DApps built on Ethereum, Steem, EOS, TomoChain, and IOST blockchains. EOS seemingly has the highest retention rate of 40% from Q2 in comparison to 5% and 15% for ethereum and TRON respectively.  

Tron has added 500,000 new users in Q3, making the blockchain the largest DApp platform launched after 2017. Justin Sun noted this great news on his Twitter account.



On October 4, computer engineer, crypto advocate, and US Presidential aspirant John McAfee announced the launch of McAfeeDEX, which he promised will be fully decentralized and private.

McAfee eventually launched the beta version of the ethereum-based exchange on October 7. Per information on its official website, McAfeeDEX will not require customers to provide any personal information like bank details, emails, or documents.

Besides being available for everyone, there will be no restrictions, listing fees, and nothing will be monitored. In short, McAfeeDEX bears some semblance to other decentralized non-custodial exchanges like EtherDelta and IDEX.

Here’s the key differentiating factor. McAfee noted that McAfeeDEX will have shared liquidity. In other words, all the McAfeeDEX portals will have access to all trading information passing through other portals as well as the DEX. With this feature, the platform will be accessible from several hosts and locations. 

Surprisingly, the news appeared to be bullish on Tron (TRX). McAfee tweeted confirming that McAfeeDEX is “coming” to Tron caused a five percent surge in TRX. 

Lunch With Warren Buffett To Be Rescheduled ‘Very Soon’

In late September, Justin Sun confirmed during a live stream that he is rescheduling the charity lunch with crypto-skeptic billionaire Warren Buffett. In the live stream, Sun noted that the lunch will be rescheduled “very soon” after having some discussions with Warren Buffett’s team, adding:

“I think it’s gonna happen and I’m excited about it. But the details I think we can release in Q4, so just stay tuned.”

As ZyCrypto reported, Sun paid top dollar to attend a luncheon with the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett and a guest list of his choice. Justin had even extended an invitation to the United States President Donald Trump.

Yet, a few days before the hotly-awaited lunch, Sun postponed the event, citing his affliction with kidney stones. Shortly afterward, he apologized for over-marketing the lunch. Sun’s hanky-panky seriously bruised the price of TRX. To add salt to injury, the coin dropped to the 14th position in coin rankings at some point.

At the moment, TRX is notably the biggest winner among the top 12 cryptocurrencies. This surge definitely comes as a relief for TRX investors and traders who have had their fair share of bearish cycles this year.