Global Cloud Team – Outstaff Team Services On Crypto

Global Cloud Team – Outstaff Team Services On Crypto

Looking to expand your R&D team or just need professionals to complete a one-time project? Global Cloud Team will provide you with the best specialists. Global Cloud Team – the Best Way to Add R&D Resources.

Not many companies need or can afford to keep a software developer. Yet, almost every company needs one at one point or another. Global Cloud Team, an out staff team that is well-proficient in Mobile, Web, and Service Platform Development, Blockchain and Crypto, Quality Assurance and DevSecOps. We have already completed 113 projects for our clients among which are Crypto Exchange, Enterprise Password Management Platform, Multi-Asset Trading Infrastructure, and Enterprise Back Office.

It’s no secret that the IT market is now experiencing a deficiency in good specialists. If you need IT professionals for individual projects or you need to replace an employee, but at the same time you do not want to spend time and money on finding the right candidate and doing all the paperwork, then getting this professional from the Global Cloud Team would be the best solution. Here are just some of the advantages of working with the Global Cloud Team when you need to add Research and Development resources to your business:

No need for duplication of key specialists

For example, a small company does not need more than one IT engineer, but his/her constant presence is critical for completion of business projects – when you get this specialist from the Global Cloud Team, there is a need to replace in a case of illness or vacation.


Introduction of advanced technologies

Global Cloud Team company specializes in the software development sphere and has access to new developments before any other company.

Significant cost savings

You do not need to pay salaries every month, pay sick leave, vacations, etc. You also do not need to train your IT employees and provide resources for them to stay ahead of the competition. You pay the Global Cloud Team only for the services rendered and projects completed and we will take care of the rest.

Attraction of high-level IT professionals

Full-time employees do not always have the required level of qualification or are not universal specialists capable of solving any IT problem. Also, the employing company often does not have the opportunity to improve their skills, which takes time and money.

Freeing the HR department

Human Resource department will have fewer employees to take care of and it becomes possible to optimize and reorganize the department across the organization (especially relevant for enterprises with a geogrnaphically distributed structure).

Improvement of investment attractiveness

The company’s income per full-time employee increases after having IT-specialists officially employed at another company complete the projects for you. The efficiency of your company will also improve – there is an opportunity to control and plan expenses, no high costs at the launching stage of new projects and the introduction of innovative solutions. Thanks to this, the productivity of not only the IT department, but the entire company grows.

Our experts will help you select highly qualified employees, saving your business from the risks associated with maintaining staff. Your company will be provided with a team of specialists based on your individual needs and requirements. If it is a larger project, several teams will be formed.

This team will work as part of your product delivery team. After approving the team we have put together for you, you or your project manager will be able to constantly stay in contact with the team leader and coordinate the project accordingly. In most cases, our clients get support even after the project is completed.

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