Gin Platform Introduces a New Product, The Cloud Node

Gin Platform Introduces a New Product, The Cloud Node

The GIN platform recently launched a new product named Cloud Node, the product according to the firm is specifically designed to increase the accessibility to masternode deployment and management.
A Whole New Product
The main purpose for the establishment of the GIN platform is to give virtually everyone access to create and manage a masternode, regardless of their technical skill.
The GIN platform thus recently introduced the new Cloud Node explicitly designed to increase accessibility further.
Starting October 26th,2018, two core features would be available on the GIN platform, they are the Dedicated Node and the Cloud Node.
Cloud Node
The price of the feature is pegged at $4.5 per month ($0.15 per day). Its main features is that the masternodes launched under this option will be hosted on the same server, ultimately sharing the same IP.  Main reason for its creation is to support projects whose masternodes generates smaller rewards than the hosting price.

  •    This service is not available for DASH, PIVX, ZEN and ANON

Dedicated Node
This particular feature is also designed to maintain its original option as well, but its only adjusted to the financial changes and the billing packages. The premium package costs $12.6 per month ($0.42 per day) and will continue to work on the dedicated server type of structure-which is one masternode per server.
The GIN platform fees are paid in GIN tokens, on a daily basis.
Choice is one feature that is made available to the users, as every user will be able to choose their preferred product at any time.
This is made possible through the availability of two buttons that is readily available on the dashboard.
The two buttons are the upgrade and the downgrade button. Any decision will automatically trigger a setup process since it basically means creating a new server for your masternode.
GIN has a very active community on social media, especially on Discord and Telegram. Presently, there are about 7000 members in the discord channel, 2000 on Telegram, 5000 on Twitter and other social media platforms.
Most of the members of the community continuously get in touch with the developers and connect with each other on important matters.
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Media contact
Name: Adrian Grigore

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