GigaFX Is a Top Choice For Trading Cryptocurrency

GigaFX Review: Why Should GigaFX Be Your Top Choice for Trading?

Have you decided to make your first ever foray into the world of trading? Yes, it can be highly exciting because there are opportunities at every step of the way, but you can only take advantage of them if you have access to the right platform. Taking the first leap into the unknown is daunting in its own right so it is essential for you to select a user-friendly and robust platform that will leave you feeling confident and secure. One of the top trading brokers that is being discussed these days is GigaFX. This broker has taken the entire market by storm because it was only established in 2018 and yet has everything you would expect from an experienced and professional broker.

The broker was developed by Four Square International Ventures Ltd., which operates out of Dominica, but GigaFX itself has offices in three different countries namely Estonia, Germany and the United Kingdom. This means that it complies with MiFID framework, which speaks volumes of its security and safety. From its trader friendly services to its excellent customer support options, GigaFX is rapidly becoming the go-to choice of all traders, whether they are new or have been around for a while.

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But, why should GigaFX be your choice of broker for your trading needs? What does it have to offer? Let’s take a look at what some of its features:

It boasts a flexible platform


Brokers who decide to sign up for an account on GigaFX will be able to use and enjoy the highly demanded MT4 platform. This platform is currently being offered by every broker in the market because it is immensely user-friendly and can give its users access to some very cool tools such as Expert Advisors. Other than that, the MetaTrader4 comes with a variety of graphs and charts that can be used for monitoring the market easily. Traders can also create watch lists that can be handy for managing your trades in one glance.

With Expert Advisors (EAs), traders can establish parameters for automated trading and this gives them the freedom to do whatever they want throughout the day. You can download this flexible platform easily and it is instantly accessible without any lags or delays. In addition to MT4, GigaFX also offers the Web Trader, which is second to none in terms of clarity and user experience. You can access it from multiple operating systems and web browsers as well. Lastly, mobile trading platforms are also available for iOS and Android devices for trading on the move and making quick trading decisions.

It has an easy signup process

One of the best things about GigaFX that has prompted its rapid growth is that the broker makes it easy for everyone to get started. Making those first trades is incredibly simple with this broker because all you have to do is open an account that suits you, make the minimum deposit and access all the incredible features it has to offer. Like everything else, online trading is also about practice and you need to start small until you get better. When you take things slowly, it gives you the opportunity of developing your trading intuition, which can help you in devising a strategy later on.

The account sign up process is a bit stringent on GigaFX because its priority is to ensure the safety of all its users. Apart from providing some basic details such as name, date of birth, email address, home address, number etc., traders also need to provide proof of their identity as well as their address. The former can be done by submitting a valid ID such as your government-issued ID card, passport or even your driving license whereas the latter can be a utility bill, bank statement or any other document that has your name mentioned with your address.

It gives access to numerous markets

GigaFX may be a relatively new broker, but it has ensured that its customers can enjoy access to the most popular markets all over the globe. Through this broker, around 2,200 global financial instruments can be traded and it offers the best features for operating in these markets. If you are a traditional trader, you can start off by trading stocks via GigaFX as the broker gives you access to stocks of some of the most notable publicly traded companies. As you can see on many GigaFX Review Posts, you can trade 24/7 and it offers you excellent leverage and rates to make trading competitive. Plus, you have the freedom of going long or short, as per your preference.

You can also trade in the forex market if buying and selling currency pairs seem appealing to you as GigaFX gives you access to popular and exotic currency pairs. If you are not afraid to invest in volatile options, you can go with exotic pairs that are available at the best rates and have some of the tightest spreads. If volatility is an issue, indices and commodities are a safer bet for traders and there are plenty of choices in these markets as well, along with access to advanced tools and real-time quotes.

Another aspect where GigaFX has kept up with trends is providing its clientele with the option of trading in-demand cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin. However, this market is known for its volatility so traders need to be careful. One other notable asset that the broker has to offer is Cannabis stocks, something other brokers have not offered. Cannabis is being legalized in numerous areas and so GigaFX has given its traders a chance to take advantage of its profit potential. You can buy stocks of some of the renowned Cannabis companies and trade them easily.

It lets you trade in 50+ countries

The online trading platform at GigaFX has been especially designed to help people in trading CFDs (Contract for Difference) internationally. As mentioned above, it offers access to 2,200 financial instruments including indices, equities, commodities, ETFs, options and commodities and the best part is that they can be traded in more than 50 countries around the globe. The cutting edge platform wishes to appeal to traders all over the world and so it is constantly expanding its reach.  

It has multiple account types

One of the major reasons to choose GigaFX as the broker of your choice is the multiple account options it offers to its clientele. The broker has not just targeted one section of the market and doesn’t wish to cater to a specific class of traders. Instead, it wants to serve as a comprehensive and all-in-one solution for traders from numerous countries, background and experience levels. This is evident from the four account types it has provided.

The first option is known as the Starters Account and it is best for beginners who are just getting started with their trading journey. When you are new, you don’t know much about the workings of the market and prefer to trade conservatively as you don’t want to lose your entire capital. Therefore, GigaFX has created this account for such traders as it allows them to trade securely and also get some experience under their belt. With this account type, they can use any of the three trading platforms offered by the broker. It also offers some training to beginners and comes with features such as a personal account manager and Expert Advisors.

Beginners can also access the Education center for learning more and can go over the Forex News Feeds as well. The second account type is called the Silver Account and is for traders with some basic experience in the market. They have become aware of the inner workings of the trading world and are ready to take the next steps. All benefits and features of the Starter account are accessible in this one with the added perk of checking out GigaFX’s webinars, which are incredibly useful and a goldmine of information.

Gold account is the third option available and it is for more serious traders who have developed some level of confidence and have considerable knowledge regarding trading. An experiencing trading consultant is associated with this account type for providing guidance and advice. One-on-one training is offered and daily market alerts are provided to help traders in making use of the advanced tools and features that are offered by GigaFX.

The last account option is known as the Premium account and the name is rather self-explanatory. This account type is designed for professional and VIP traders who are very ambitious about their careers as traders and are willing to invest substantial amounts to reap the rewards. With this account, industry experts provide some advanced training to skilled traders to help them in polishing their existing ones and also give them the opportunity to learn new strategies. A personal bonus policy is also applicable here and it allows traders to access all features that GigaFX has to offer to its users.

It provides detailed educational material

In its effort to create a trader-focused platform, GigaFX has compiled a range of educational guides, e-books and videos that can be accessed by traders when they sign up for an account. Depending on the account type you select, there is an extensive range of advice and knowledge right at your fingertips. All account holders are provided access to the e-books, Forex News Feeds and Resource and Education Center, which is an excellent opportunity for expanding your knowledge.

Apart from that, traders who sign up for the Silver account or higher also have the option of directly talking to other traders and benefitting from the opinions of likeminded experts and individuals. There are consultations provided by the broker as well as one-on-one training sessions with some of the experts in the industry.

It comes with outstanding customer support

Whether you are a new trader or someone who has been trading a while, you would want to select a broker that’s willing to help you when you need any assistance. Sure, most brokers claim to offer reliable customer support to their clientele, but most of them are not very responsible and unable to fulfill their tall claims. GigaFX, on the other hand, stands out in the crowd because it not only offers multiple avenues through which it can be reached, but also ensures that traders receive a prompt response.

It has offered traders the option of using email, an online contact form or use any one of the three numbers to its offices. The agents on the other end try their level best to answer queries and resolve problems to help you in having a smooth experience with GigaFX.

It doesn’t eat into your profits

Trading fees and commission are expenses associated with using a broker. Some brokers in the market have extensive charges that can often demotivate traders because they have to give away a major portion of their profits. Luckily, GigaFX doesn’t charge any hefty trading fee or commission from the traders, no matter what their trading volume is. It makes its profits from the spreads and is recognized for offering some of the highest leverage and tightest spreads in the market.

Similarly, when it comes to deposits and withdrawals on GigaFX, the broker has offered a lot of convenience. It doesn’t have heavy deposit requirements and doesn’t charge a high withdrawal fee. Other than that, it has also offered a myriad of payment options to its users to enable them to select one that doesn’t cost them a lot.

These are some great reasons for every trader to consider using GigaFX as their online broker no matter what financial instrument they wish to trade. The broker offers you peace of mind by implementing some strict security measures on its platforms. It has the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies in place and also uses the strongest form of encryptions to enable traders in conducting transactions safely. The user-interface is well-designed and easy to use and traders can get started right away.  

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