eToroX: A Revolutionary And Regulated Digital Assets Exchange

eToroX: A Revolutionary And Regulated Digital Assets Exchange

eToroX provides its users with an online digital platform through which they can store and exchange digital and crypto-assets. They offer a highly transparent and regulated platform and were one of the first companies in the world to receive a DLT provider license. This was granted by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission under the Investments and Financial Fiduciary Services Act. Although the platform was launched in 2019; the eToro Group has been around since 2007 and has, therefore, gained many years of experience in the Fintech industry.

Highly Regulated & Transparent

One of the biggest advantages of the eToroX site is the level of transparency and the way in which the company approaches regulation. The eToro Group places a major focus on regulation and was highly selective and intentional in their decision to be regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. This decision was based on the fact that Gibraltar recognizes the need for innovation and flexibility with regards to the digital asset exchange and the crypto industry as well as being able to keep up with a fast-paced market. The eToroX exchange site strives to align itself with the following attributes:

  • Integrity – the company strives to always maintain a high level of integrity, transparency, and honesty and ensures the needs of its clients remain their first priority.
  • Customer support – They vow to put their customers first and ensure to handle all communications and customer queries, with speed and efficiency.
  • Regulated and secure  – eToroX Exchange is regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission under the Investments and Financial Fiduciary Services Act, meaning that traders can trade safely knowing they are using a regulated service provider.
  • eToroX provides a very clean and clear platform which openly expresses their views, values, beliefs, intentions, and goals. It also openly shares all of their regulatory information and certification details so that each and every aspect of the company is clearly illuminated with all information being easy to find and access. This is certainly a new and effective method for businesses to operate by in the world and they exhibit a great example for other businesses to follow and align with. As it stands, eToroX is one of the best and most secure online regulated crypto exchange sites.

Affordable & Transparent Fees

Another advantage of eToroX is that they offer affordable fees when it comes to their wallets. Not only are their fees affordable but you won’t find yourself encountering any hidden or unexpected surprise costs as they openly share all of these details on their website.

Users can exchange and deposit crypto coins and assets directly from GBP, EUR and USD currencies. There is however a 0.1% conversion fee placed on crypto-to-crypto currency conversions which are set according to standard market rates. Users may encounter additional fees when placing transactions using debit or credit cards or when they include a third party such as the banks. Other than that, they aim to keep their fees as low as possible and even making a deposit on their platform is free of charge.

Advancement & Innovation

eToroX is a revolutionary platform that is constantly being improved and updated. This is only the beginning as the platform was recently launched and there are still many innovations and developments to be made. We are living in changing and evolving times and the world of a digital crypto exchange is evolving alongside. The emergence of this new and innovative industry marks a time of revolution in itself and we have yet to witness the potential and effect that this will have on the economy and world at large. The eToroX site is an exciting initiative to be involved with and participate in and they have already implemented new updates to their site. Let’s take a look at some of the improvements, changes, and developments that eTorox has already undergone since their initial launch:

  • Personal profile and account updates – eTorox has since updated the way in which their user accounts and profiles operate. The user-interface was upgraded to become even easier and simpler to navigate. Users are also now able to verify their account online by uploading the various required documents that are needed when registering an account. The eToroX platform now makes it possible to upload documents such as your scanned I.D, proof of residence and passport which enables you to verify and secure your personal account.
  • Refer a friend feature – They now offer a ‘refer a friend’ feature which allows their users to reap extra rewards when they refer new users to the eTorox exchange site. You can find and access the refer a friend feature when you are logged into your personal wallet account.
  • Wallet features – eToroX has updated their online wallets and now users can access more information including their personal details, settings, personal documents, questionnaires, and trading API.
  • More languages – The company aims to provide a platform that can be accessible for people all around the world and has therefore added even more languages to their site. The platform was initially offered in 3 different languages which they have since updated to 8 languages. Users can now select and shift between different languages including Korean, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and English.

eToroX is certainly leaders in their industry and provide one of the most secure and regulated crypto exchange sites. They have many years of experience which has prepared them to become leaders in the crypto wallet exchange market. They always put their customers first and aim to comply with the highest standards and integrity. Ensured peace of mind is the number 1 benefit they have to offer. 

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