Ethereum, Vita Inu, and Big Eyes Coin On Watch List

Be a Part of Creative Cryptocurrency Projects: Big Eyes Coin, Near Protocol, and Ethereum

There are various strategies to make headways in the crypto world. Every investor makes moves they are comfortable with while utilizing their desired strategy. While this is the case for savvy investors, how do beginners make intelligent moves in the market? As we know, cryptocurrencies are volatile assets making them a double-edged sword. For beginners looking to make money, they can target solid projects or meme coins. Or even both. 

Meme coins are usually cheap and pose less risk, but they can easily do 1000% due to their low price. On the other hand, solid projects have good use cases and could be the future token. How do you choose? Well, a diversified portfolio is the way to go. On this note, I will introduce three cryptocurrencies that beginner investors can add to their watch list.

Ethereum (ETH) – The Second Largest Crypto

Ethereum is a solid project. It is so solid that many projects in the crypto ecosystem revolve around it. Many Ethereum maximalists even believe that Ethereum will become the No. 1 cryptocurrency overthrowing Bitcoin. Interesting, right? So, what is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a Layer-1 blockchain network created to make many real-life businesses decentralized. Unlike Bitcoin, which is concerned about making money decentralized, Ethereum looks at the larger scheme of things. Ethereum can also be described as an open-source protocol that allows developers to create smart contracts and build applications on the Blockchain. With Ethereum, creators can make financial applications, decentralized autonomous governments, Non-fungible tokens, gaming apps, Metaverse platforms, and many more.

Vita Inu (VINU) The Dog-Themed Token

Memecoins are tokens created for fun. They usually come about from jokes, puns, memes, etc. Vita Inu is one of such meme coins. Vita Inu is a dog-theme token with fast transaction speed and governs the VINU ecosystem.


VINU ecosystem is in collaboration with the Vite network. It aims to build a social platform where people can have fun, meet new people, and learn new things. It also seeks to play a role in developing Direct Acyclic Graph(DAG) Ecosystems. These DAG ecosystems will be used for the free and secure flow of cryptocurrencies.

Although many meme coins lack fundamentals, Vita Inu strives to be different. Aside from the memes, banters, and laughs, it is creating a top-tiered crypto ecosystem. The team will be creating the VINU verse. There would be a wide range of activities on the platform, such as a decentralized financial platform for swapping, staking, and other rewards. The team would also be creating events and merchandise for community members.

With all these, Vita Inu is setting itself apart from other meme coin projects. It will be a full-fledged crypto project that enables smart contracts and scalability. There would also be zero transaction fees while maintaining a fast TPS on the protocol.

Big Eyes (BIG) The New Meme Coin

Like Vita Inu, Big Eyes is another meme coin. However, it is a meme coin targeted at people who have an eye for aesthetics and are cat lovers. Yes, cat lovers. Big Eyes chose cats because the crypto meme coin segment focuses mainly on dogs. So, cat lovers have a Crypto community to themselves.

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Big Eyes would also make things more exciting for cat fans as they would create beautiful NFTs. These NFTs will be made available to community members. So lovers of cute JPEGs would have something original to claim.

As part of its mission, the project will be driven by hype. However, it is not just going to bark, but it will also bite. So, the team would be creating educational events and content to keep members learning.

There would also be a merchandise store where community members can get beautifully designed clothes and merchandise. As a plus, everything in the ecosystem will also be tax-free. So, no transaction fees while interacting with the platform.

The project is still new, so we expect more exciting offerings for community members. Community members can also leverage their position to make crucial developments for the project.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)