Ethereum Co-Founder Reveals Why He Is Incredibly Bullish On Polkadot & Cardano

Ethereum Co-Founder Reveals Why He Is Incredibly Bullish On Polkadot & Cardano

Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Lorio has revealed he’s a big fan of both Polkadot and Cardano and is confident in both their futures on the basis of their creators’ reputations. Having been part of Ethereum’s development, Di Lorio is quite familiar with Polkadot founder Gavin Wood, as well as Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson.

The entrepreneur joined team Ethereum after meeting Vitalik Butein at a Bitcoin conference nine years ago and would later leave to start up a blockchain company in Toronto called Decentral.

Why Di Lorio is Bullish On DOT and ADA

The former ETH dev was recently interviewed by Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Popliano and would give reasons for his interest in the aforementioned projects after being asked about his cryptocurrency portfolio. Revealing his involvement in a number of different ongoing projects, Di Lorio also praised Hoskinson and Wood, who also helped create Ethereum alongside himself, Buterin, and a few other developers.

“Now I’ve kind of fallen back to just simplicity,” he said. “I’m in a number of different projects, but the majority of my stuff is in the top projects. I’m a big fan of Polkadot, I’m a big fan of Cardano. Big fan of Charles, let’s say that. You know, taking some different approaches in the way that they’re doing things, much more on the academic side of what he’s done and bringing stuff forward. Real big fan of Gavin Wood.

“Knowing those guys from the days back at Ethereum, and knowing their drive and knowing their competitiveness and their smarts, I was able to see those projects for the last few years and know that they were gonna get to where they’ve gotten up to.”


Di Lorio has holdings in other digital currencies, of course.

“Most of my stuff is in the top few things, Ether, Bitcoin, Cardano, Polkadot. I like Cosmos as well,” he revealed. “And there’s a few others, but I’m not getting lost in all the DeFi (decentralized finance) stuff. I just think there’s not enough time, not enough energy. It’s a full-time gig to be running a lot of that stuff and keeping on top of stuff, so I’ve simplified my life quite a bit over the past few years.”

Two Of The Most Promising Projects In The Crypto Space

The Polkadot and Cardano networks are among the most popular nowadays, given the innovation behind their blockchains.

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Their native currencies, DOT and ADA, have both fared well amid the recent crypto crash and developments are afoot on both ends, with Polkadot recently announcing an auction for its first parallel chain (or parachain), while Cardano has reached several milestones in 2021 alone and is continuing to introduce novel features.

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