ICO Ends On A Remarkable Note has completed the ICO of their new ERT token on a stellar note. The ERT token will be the native money of with a capacity of 24 million tokens.
The ERT token sale met a very high demand for the ERT tokens than anticipated. The project has successfully and effortlessly raised enough funds to secure financing of all planned investments, and creation of the ultra-modern platform.
In line with the success of the ICO Crowdsale, the Chief eSports Officer, Benjamin Fockersperger has reiterated that:
“This allows us to realize our dream and motivates us to work hard for the implementation of our ambitious plan to make the biggest e-gaming community worldwide!” will soon officially list the ERT token on their exchange, with to follow. By the first quarter of 2018, ERT token will be introduced on HitBtc.
To ensure the acceptance of ERT tokens by an array of Esports players and also ensure they join in the trading of ERT tokens, ERT will also be added on
Exclusive and optimum co-operation will bolster the continual growth of the system, and the first of such co-operation is an official exclusive content licensing agreement with ESL.
Besides, ESL will provide live content from their events to, amongst other functions. is also finalizing all strategic partnership agreements with top international players and would be done and dusted before the end of quarter 1 in 2018.
The CEO of believes that the project will be hugely successful. He said that:
“The success of the ERT ICO is not a big surprise for us. It is one of few tokens, which are based on actual value(the URL value exceeds the invested capital) and combined the exclusive platform paying option a long-term investment not only for gamers.”
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