Elon Musk’s Twitter Plans Bolster Huge Use Cases For Dogecoin As A ‘Currency’

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Popular Dogecoin (DOGE) supporters are all for welcoming more use cases for the meme coin. This was made apparent in a recent exchange between Billy Markus and Elon Musk.

‘Businesses Accepting DOGE Payments’

In a recent tweet, Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus outlined three key elements that will add more utility to the meme coin. These include businesses accepting DOGE, using doge as a tipping currency, and the creation of a Dogecoin/Ethereum bridge.

The first would mean more use as a currency, the second would be fun, and the third would allow DOGE to be used on Web 3 platforms.

“All efforts to use doge, accept doge, have fun with doge, and build technology to assist with these actions are worthy IMO. There are infinite speculative instruments in crypto, but I would prefer doge to be a useful one beyond just speculation!” said Markus.

He quickly got support from Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, however to a limit. Musk concurred that the first two elements were essential, but Dogecoin did not need integration with web 3 platforms.


To this, Markus clarified that he meant Web 3 as “a developer playground” and not as the next iteration of the internet that it is popularly considered to be. He said: “I think it’s more just like ‘log into some things with your crypto wallet + track virtual goods'”

The interaction is getting even more attention especially as Musk has finally acquired social media giant Twitter for a weighty $44 billion.

What would Musk’s Twitter takeover mean for DOGE?

There are many speculations as to the role Dogecoin could come to play following Musk’s Twitter acquisition. Among other integrations that are being speculated on, the integration of Dogecoin tipping on Twitter is gaining immense traction.

Musk already has a record of pioneering acceptances of DOGE. Tesla has integrated DOGE payments into its merchandise store. Similarly, Dogecoin developers are working on utilizing SpaceX’s Starlink extraterrestrial internet service to enable DOGE transactions in remote locations.