Earn As You Socialize with Monoreto Blockchain-Based Social Network Platform

Earn As You Socialize with Monoreto Blockchain-Based Social Network Platform

Monoreto, a Singapore based company has established a social platform that is first of its kind known as the ‘Monoreto Social Platform’.

This social platform will allow activities which include chats and content postings to be monetized, thereby making it possible to for individuals to earn while they have fun.

This app which consists of various services like Instagram, Kickstarter, HQ Trivia, Charity Platforms and SteemIT all in one is already available on Google Play will be made available soon IOs users next week.

This is a first of its kind as users of this app will earn as much as five cents in the Monoreto tokens (MNR) for every picture or video uploaded that is liked by another person.

Pre-TGE of the MNR tokens commences from the 10th of this month, and early birds will be giving 50% discount off the token event price.


The platform is designed in a way that active users of account will be greatly rewarded and recognized. Business owners furthermore open up to potential customers even as they actively participate either by liking or posting.

The Platform will work in three ways to reward users’ loyalty and hard work via the following ways:

Firstly, contents that are posted on the platform will be scrutinized by a verification tool to ensure that contents are unique and original so as not to enrich lazy pockets.

The social platform is designed to receive photos and short videos of like ten secs mainly. Live videos can also be made to where pertinent issues can be discussed in order to help build one’s audience base.

Afterward, communication is also crucial to help one’s growth on the platform. Interacting and making new friends with other users will go a long way to boosting one’s profile.

The company is bent on ensuring that both users and authors of content benefit immensely by helping each other. While users endorse their account in the news feed by the likes of content, authors, in turn, are rewarded with tokens.

One of the primary goals of the platform is to promote hard work and genuine communication that will edify all users alike.

Lastly, the user simply needs to locate the various ways that best suits him or her to make money and play at the same time on the platform which ranges from; Photobank, Quizzes from Advertisers, User Competitions etc.

Fundraising campaigns and engaging advertisement can be carried out through the platform conveniently through the platforms befitting environment.

This indeed has taken social Networking platforms to another dimension as Monoreto not only encourages play but promotes play, hard-work and smart thinking at the same time.

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