€50 Million? No Thanks!


Who in their right mind would ever consider turning down €50 million investment in a project that was just about to go public? No-one, I here you say. Well I will have to argue with you and say that there is at least one person that has done it and his reasons for doing so are as sane as possible.
William West is the gentleman in question and he is the mind behind an organisation called Invacio. Invacio is a high technology company unlike any that you may have heard of before. Towards the end of 2017 after having spent almost 6 years, and many millions, overseeing the stealthy creation of a multi-layered artificial intelligence system William was preparing to go public for the first time when he was approached by a cash rich entity with the means to put €50 million into the company.
The main issue with this approach was that in order to accept and benefit from the cash input, he would have had to relinquish pretty much all control over the company’s direction and remit.
One of William’s driving ambitions in the creation of Invacio was to create disruption of the status quo in terms of leveling the playing field and giving ordinary, everyday, people access to the sort of cleansed information and data that is usually reserved for big pocketed organisations and individuals.
Offering access to this type of data to typical consumers would enable more people the opportunity to improve their own position and build for themselves a better life. In this day and age, access to information is one of the key elements required to build any type of successful business.
Taking the money and receding into a back-role would have been the easiest route to take however, William recognised that once he was deposed, as outright owner, the entity concerned would have been free to pretty much destroy the fundamental reach of Invacio’s services, carve up the company, and divest it piecemeal to the highest bidder.
Every subsequent divisional sell off into the hands of big commerce would have been another nail in the coffin for the people William wanted to share his dream with, so he turned down the money and continued to build his company.
As time went on, it was decided that there was a great way to truly share his creation in a way which suited Williams philanthropic side. This was to give away equity in Invacio to people that supported Invacio’s own cryptocurrency (INV) during its launch. As people started to purchase their INV tokens from the dedicated website that was launched William generated a list of of tokenholders to which he would gift C-type shares.
The aim being that at some point in the future, once Invacio became a PLC, even if people were no longer still holding or using INV tokens, they would still have a share of the company as a thank you for showing their support in the early days.
Wanting to change the world for the better is a rarely seen trait in modern businessmen but is something that underpins Williams philosophy in life. Whether he is repurposing his own land (in Thailand) so the surrounding local community can grow and pick their own food for free or giving generously to charity to support children’s education, William has always add an eye on helping those less fortunate than himself.
With that type of mindset and background it does come as quite a shock that he is currently under attack and being accused of being a fraudster and scam artist. Already independently wealthy, William has no desire nor need to turn a fast buck and screw over the people that have shown their support and would never do such a thing.

The company has already launched stage 1 products available to use (Tamius Wallet (android only for now awaiting Apple iOS approval), Invmail) . Invacio are in the process of building their team and infrastructure and also has ongoing discussions with various government, state and commercial parties with a view to providing various AI based services and technology focused structures to them when everything is in place.
If you wish to support Invacio and aid in the ongoing development of its rolling program of disruption (or simply gain access to the AI cleansed data and financial predictive systems) then you can, by simply purchasing INV tokens from the exchanges where they are listed.
Invacio recently launched their own cryptocurrency Invacio token (INV) and in order to access or benefit from lower subscriptions for their services, you will need to either hold or spend it on their systems. INV tokens are currently tradable on Mercatox BTC and Mercatox ETH, Bancor, Idex, switchain eth-inv and featured on Coin Market Cap. More exchanges are planned.

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