e-DAO Spearheads Media & Entertainment Web3 Revolution: Hungama Entertainment and Hindustan Talkies become anchor partners

e-DAO Spearheads Media & Entertainment Web3 Revolution: Hungama Entertainment and Hindustan Talkies become anchor partners

Indian entertainment behemoth Hungama Digital Media has come together to create Hefty Entertainment, a metaverse platform, the first project under e-DAO. e-DAO (Entertainment- DAO) powered by Polygon is an entertainment and creator economy focussed DAO, designed to create the world’s largest entertainment collective. It provides a thriving ecosystem of developers, communities, to build & launch NFT projects for production houses, celebrities, music labels, content creators, etc. Powering the community through votes, this futuristic platform provides an avenue for the democratization of content by raising opinions.

The Hefty metaverse will serve as a way to onboard consumers, fans, and communities into the world of web3 through NFT collectibles and free virtual events, which will be powered by unique utilities and value. The metaverse will bank on Hungama Digital Media with its vast and extensive distribution network.

Hefty Entertainment has announced its arrival with an exclusive partnership with T-series, Asia’s largest music label, publisher, and India’s largest film studio to announce its ​​foray into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Hefty Arts has done the same with an exclusive partnership with the MF Husain Estate to auction the legendary artist’s paintings as NFTs. Hefty Games, on the other hand, will soon announce and share more details on their launch & partnerships with some of the biggest names in the world of ESports and Gaming.

eDAO will support Hefty Entertainment during their initial funding and provide incubation support. Their team will also have access to the eDAO’s strong community of NFT and metaverse enthusiasts. Community-building support will also be provided along with DApp tooling, marketplaces, design, and development.

eDAO is an ideal platform for projects venturing into Web3 belonging to the media & entertainment space including movies & music, sports, design & animation studios, VR / AR projects, and NFT utility platforms. Being industry first, we have a thriving ecosystem of partners to create NFT marketplaces, set up domains, web designing, live streaming, etc. 


Polygon and Polygon Studios ecosystem has seen massive adoption and growth with over 7000 DApps being built especially in the NFT space having more than 1 million community members. Partnering with eDAO was very strategic in nature addressing a multi-billion dollar market in India, providing infrastructure support to Web3 projects in the media & entertainment, and sports segment. 

About eDAO     

eDao is an entertainment and creator economy-focused DAO designed to bring the Media, Entertainment, Fine Art, and Gaming industry to the world of Web3 and create the world’s largest entertainment collective. Built-in collaboration with Polygon Studios and genesis partners like Hungama and Hindustan Talkies, eDAO funds and supports NFT projects and launches from your favorite celebrities, music labels, film studios, artists, gamers, and content creators co-created with flourishing Web3 communities.

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