Dream Real — a blockchain social network making dreams come true

Dream Real — a blockchain social network making dreams come true

Social networks are the largest segment of the Internet with the audience exceeding 2.2 billion people. Today’s platforms like, Facebook and Twitter, consider users to be a source of revenue from ad sales, but they do not offer anything in exchange.
Dream Real is a social network for the new generation where for the first time, users will be able to share their dreams with people from different countries and receive real rewards. At the core of Dream Real, there is a bonus system based on blockchain technology.
A similar reward mechanism has been successfully applied in another social platform, steemit.com, where everyone can publish a post and be rewarded in cryptocurrency if other users consider this post interesting. Each “like” in Dream Real has a real cryptomonetary value, which stimulates participants to generate interesting and original content.
Dream Real is not just a social network but a full-fledged social environment where users can make their dreams come true and realize their talents. The wildest ideas and the most courageous inventions can get funding at the embedded ICO & crowdfunding platform.
DreamStarter — which is unlike Kickstarter: there is no scrupulous project selection or filtration process here and only the network users can determine which projects they would like to fund.
A social network of the future cannot exist without virtual reality technologies providing users with outstanding communication opportunities. Dream Real is about travelling, exciting games, and even romantic dates with full immersion into virtual reality.
Fulfill your dreams, visit new places and try a new look – all of this can be done in the virtual environment of Dream Real.

Dream Real Cryptocurrency

Rewards in Dream Real are awarded based on user voting. Unlike Facebook “likes,” here every “like” has a real value determined from a voting power of a certain user. Dream Real has three types of cryptocurrencies for that purpose.
Dream (DR) — the main token to be traded at cryptocurrency exchanges. It can be bought, sold and exchanged for Dream Dollar or converted into Dream Power.
• Dream Dollar (DRD) — the currency used for rewards payment. It can be withdrawn instantly and exchanged for a liquid Dream token.
• Dream Power (DP) — the currency increasing the voting power of a user. It can be converted into Dream tokens only 100 days after reward payment.
The cryptocurrency of the Dream Real network operates on the basis of Graphene blockchain protocol – the same protocol is used in Steemit and Bitshares projects. It provides capacity of 100 000 tps (transactions per second) which is comparable to the speed of operation of Visa and MasterCard payment systems.

Dream Real – Project Economy

According to experts’ estimation, social networks will get $39 billion in revenue in 2019, while the total volume of virtual and augmented reality market will be equal to $215 billion. Blockchain has become the main trend in the IT industry: capitalization of cryptocurrencies already achieved about $400 billion and it keeps on growing.
Dream Real is a start-up operating across all the trends mentioned above which makes it demanded by a very wide audience and gives a good advantage against old-fashioned competitors. There will be 5 main channels for project monetization.
• Paid services: bumping posts to the top, account promotion.
• Issuance of a proprietary cryptocurrency.
• Commissions charged at DreamStarter crowdfunding platform.
• A platform for selling advertisement.
• Monetization of online games that could be played within the social network.
Dream Real team is starting a PRESALE on 9 July 2018, ICO campaign is starting on 10 September 2018 to attract funds to their project.

ICO Details

Initial coin offering will include the issue of 1.5 billion Dream tokens (ERC20 standard), but only 750 million tokens (50%) will be available for purchase during PRESALE & ICO. All unsold at ICO tokens will be destroyed according to the smart contract. In addition, 2% (30 million) Dream tokens will be reserved for payments to the participants of the bounty campaign.
Price at PRESALE: 12 000 DR = 1 ETH, a bonus is available depending on the amount of the purchase, starting from 10 ETH. Price at ICO: 6 000 DR = 1 ETH
Distribution of the funds collected during ICO:
• 30% of funds raised – technical product development;
• 60% — marketing and promotion,
• 10% — organizational expenses (listing of DR tokens on cryptoexchanges, etc.)
Dream Real social network is located on www.dream-real.com. You can learn more about the project, read its whitepaper and take a part in ICO on the website http://www.ico.dream-real.com.

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