Dogecoin To Get Upgrade Release Packed With New Features And Enhancements

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Dogecoin (DOGE), the world’s largest meme cryptocurrency, is set to receive a significant upgrade to make the popular blockchain more interoperable and user-friendly.

Recently, Michi Lumin, a Dogecoin core developer, tweeted about the upgrade, saying that “lib-dogecoin 0.1.2” had been released. He then noted that “this is a big one”, adding that it was a roll-up of the interim 0.1.1 dev release.

A roll-up is a scaling solution that allows multiple transactions to be processed off-chain and submitted to the blockchain as a single transaction, reducing gas fees and congestion on the network. It helps increase the transaction throughput of a network while improving its efficiency.

As per Lumin, this upgrade includes numerous fixes and enhancements, such as memory integrity checks, truncation fixes, length checks for edge cases, and Go and Python wrappers updates.

One of the most significant additions in this upgrade will be the support for BIP39 seed phrases, a feature that helps users generate mnemonic phrases to secure their private keys. Notably, this upgrade will help users, including non-devs, generate seed phrases in multiple languages, providing a user-friendly way to secure their assets.


Another notable enhancement is the introduction of QR code support, making it easier for users to share their addresses. According to Lumin, lib-dogecoin will enable users to “generate QR codes on the fly in text, jpeg, and png formats without any additional libraries needed.”

Furthermore, the upgrade will offer full support for BIP 32/44 and slips44 HD addressing standards which enhances security and organization by enabling Dogecoin to derive keys and addresses according to respective rules and generate child keys/addresses.

The upgrade will also introduce improved message and transaction signing capabilities. This will allow users to sign messages and transactions as well as verify them, improving network security. Finally, Dogecoin will also provide users with its so-called current “moon-phase Unicode”, enabling them to contribute to Dogecoin’s development.

That said, Lumin went on to note that they were “ALREADY working on all sorts of new inclusions for 0.1.3” asking users to keep watching. “lib-dogecoin will continue to do more and more while remaining ultra-lightweight and cross-compatible,” he said.

Meanwhile, as the Dogecoin project continues to evolve, it has continued to receive support from the community and more developers, notably among them, billionaire Elon Musk. Previously,  Musk has stated that he would be working with Dogecoin engineers to “improve system transaction efficiency.” On another occasion, the Tesla boss solicited feedback from the public on ideas to enhance the cryptocurrency network asking them to submit ideas on Dogecoin’s Github and Reddit pages.