DigiToads Presale Breaks The $6M Milestone With Huge Success, but Can BTC Bounce Back to $30K?

Meme Coin DigiToads Raises $200K in 5 days. Will it be More Rewarding Than Maker and ApeCoin?

Bitcoin’s July peak to top $30K once again after a slump signifies a rally. Previously, the coin was in a setback, settling at $29K, defying some expert analysis that it would shutter a yearly record by moving past $35K. Various developments in the crypto space, including the successful DigiToads presale, have partly fueled this rally. 

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TOADS, an ERC-20 token of DigiToads is also on the positive. It has surpassed a milestone in its ongoing presale. The project centres its existence on DeFi, NFT staking, and P2E.

DigiToads Presale a Monumental Moment in the Crypto Space

A new project rarely breaks the $6.5 million mark in the manner DigiToads has done. DigiToads has surpassed the figure and is maintaining a steady movement to reach higher records. The project plans to launch somewhere mid-next month, meaning its presale has become a fever-pitch.

Launching on 15th August, TOADS, the DigiToads native token, will be up by 450%, massive gains for early adopters. 


TOADS runs on a unique pathway throughout the presale to pick the interest of many, which it has done successfully. On every level of the presale, the token was up by some points. Currently, in its final presale stage Lilypads.

The DigiToads project is formulated specially to captivate adherents. It has various pools to satisfy diverse types of people. Gamers, one angle of the project, have the prize pools to appreciate the fun-filled experience they bring to the project. A typical gaming season lasts a month, putting the top gamers’ names on a leaderboard. The ones at the peak, 25% and above in the list, receive more TOADS as prizes.

Gamers also have access to the in-game marketplaces that help provide the P2E console with characters and upgrades to make the gaming experience fun and fulfilling. The marketplace offers gamers up to 50% of what it receives, while about 10% goes back to the project to help increase the stake of passive TOAD holders.

DigiToads goes beyond fun and offers numerous learning opportunities in the features offered to the community. It appreciates the complexities of blockchain technology and gives a simple yet intuitive way of learning. The project has a fully functional metaverse, giving everyone infused an opportunity to learn. It also has transaction terminals that help newcomers understand how virtual currency payments happen.

Beyond the TOAD token, DigiToads also runs an NFT. The NFTs are good-looking and bring the TOAD meme to life. While NFTs remain a way to store TOAD Token value, they also are formidable opponents in P2E.

Each character in the gaming console is an NFT in its own right, providing room for storage as a souvenir or an opportunity to sell them in OpenSea.

DigiToads is set on a path of sustainability, giving it more credibility. The token burn feature confirms this. It enables healthy tokenomics. From every angle, the DigiToads project is one to consider.

Can Bitcoin makes recovery to $30k?

In June, the biggest coin by market cap was on the brink of $31k. The figure has since peaked at $30.1K; hopefully, going into August we will see a resistance at $30K. The spot Bitcoin application is one of those areas with some giants such as BlackRock. 

Concluding Remarks 

Bitcoin’s comeback is a welcome situation for the crypto market needing a push. The monumental rise to $30K will be complimented by the running of DigiToads, currently getting ready to launch after its presale.  You still have time to get in before things fully take off.

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