Digitex Futures Knocked it Out of the Park at Malta's Blockchain Summit!

Digitex Futures Presents Demo at The European Blockchain Summit

One of the leading commission-free cryptocurrency exchanges, Digitex Futures Ltd, presented its first-ever live demo at the just concluded Malta Blockchain summit.

An Innovative Collaboration

Digitex futures used the opportunity of the blockchain summit to announce its effective partnership with Ethereum’s core plasma development team, Matter Incorporation.
Participants of the blockchain summit witnessed the unveiling of the live demo of the exchange for the very first time in history.
As the Version 1 of Digitex Futures is set to launch at the end of the year, the blockchain summit happened to be the perfect opportunity for the company to truly reveal its capacity and capabilities to the trading and investment world.
‘’We choose Malta as the destination to reveal the live demo because of its forward-thinking stance on blockchain and innovation in general,’ said Todd:

‘’ Malta is, without doubt, the Blockchain island and we feel at home among so many brilliant and receptive minds. We can’t wait to make history not only by knocking the futures industry on its head but by adding the most secure and technologically flawless plasma solutions on our platform.’’

The partnership

The decision to choose Digitex as one of the very first companies that will incorporate plasma into their technology was due to the company’s integrity and determination to become one of the biggest names in the industry.
The difference between Digitex Futures and other cryptocurrency exchanges is that it allows its users to trade cryptos such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum futures contracts entirely commission –free. While all the profits and losses are denominated in the exchange’s native token DGTX, which has gradually climbed up to be among the top 100 cryptocurrencies after displaying commendable performances and maintaining a steady growth in recent weeks.
Commenting on the recent development, the CEO and founder of Digitex Futures Adam Todd said:
‘’We are extremely excited and honored by the opportunity to work with Plasma core development team and to be one of the first companies to implement its technology, the long-awaited solution to Ethereums’ scaling issue’’,
He continued by saying:
‘’It seems very fitting that Digitex should be the first hybrid exchange to adopt this technology.
We are breaking the mould with our commission-free non-custodial trading model and now we are able to offer our traders the most cutting edge technology solution available.
We couldn’t be happier’’.
The partnership will be a huge step as it will allow for potentially billions of transactions to happen offchain and would surely boost the potential of both companies.
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