Digital Currency Market Updates: New Trading Platform, CFDs on Shares

Digital Currency Market Updates: New Trading Platform, CFDs on Shares

Online trading firm Digital Currency Market has announced the launching of its new trading platform, open to users at Until recently, the company had offered hedging services to corporate clients solely, but the growing demand on retailers’ side, along with DCM’s over two decades of experience in the field, had caused this change in policy. 

Now, traders can choose from seven different account types, each of them aiming at distinct needs according to budget and trading knowledge. Clients can also think about the long run and open a savings account, where hedging and joint enrollments are allowed. 

The website is facilitated in both English and German, as a means of addressing a global presence, since the company operates in over 160 countries. Digital Currency Market has also developed its own proprietary trading platform, while providing traders with access to both the MetaTrader 4 and a WebTrader. 

DCM spokesperson Harry Serenovich commented about the news, stating: “We are excited to enter this new environment, and we’re certain that we are bringing to the table something that digital traders won’t find anywhere else.” 

In 2016 the company gained $165 worth of profit overall. Due to this and other achievements, Serenovich was quoted saying he is confident that “with a track record of excelling at all financial fields we’ve entered, this new venture is bound to help online traders unleash the full potential in them.”


Digital Currency Market CFDs

Digital Currency Market offers over 200 tradable financial instruments, including cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Binance coin, and others. You can also get involved in the hard and soft commodity market or even trade indices. Another popular asset now available is CFDs on shares. 

CFD stands for contract for difference, meaning a form of contract between a buyer and a seller, in which a buyer pays the seller the difference between the current value of an asset and a value in a future time agreed upon.

Using CFDs, traders can make a profit from the movement of an asset’s price, without having to own the underlying asset. CFDs’ popularity is continuously rising, with almost 280,000 customers trading CFD products monthly as of three years ago. 

The importance of CFDs in the financial market

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has licensed approximately 100 CFD specialists. Digital Currency Market, owned and operated by Softonic Ltd. and authorized in the Commonwealth of Dominica, is also eligible to offer traders CDFs on shares. 

CFDs can be traded on both long and short positions. This makes reacting fast to market movements or breaking news easier. Above all, CFDs can be traded with leverage and with risk management – both features available for Digital Currency Market clients.

The most popular assets for CFD trading in 2020 were commodities like petroleum and gold, as well as indices such as Germany 30, USA 30, and Nasdaq 100. All of these are now tradable as CFDs on DCM’s platforms. Some additional promising stocks on Digital Currency Market’s roster are Apple, Tesla, Amazon, NVDA, QQQ, Facebook and more. 

Serenovich also stated that this is just the beginning and that DCM’s clients can expect more exciting news soon. “We’re just getting started here, so there are plenty more benefits to come for those choosing to work with us. We’ll have more news on that in the near future, but I can already say there’s definitely something worth waiting for,” commented Serenovich.