Delicia Blockchain Technology Solution Will Undoubtedly Revolutionize the Food Industry and Foster a Healthier Environment

Delicia Blockchain Technology Solution Will Undoubtedly Revolutionize the Food Industry and Foster a Healthier Environment

The exponential rise of bitcoin in 2017 also shot its underlying blockchain technology to the limelight. While the groundbreaking technology is already disrupting the finance sector, it can also do a lot of wonders in the food and supply chain ecosystems.
Experts believe that distributed ledger technology has all it takes to revolutionize the food industry by making it more transparent and safe.
Also, blockchain could be used in the supply chain to eliminate all bottlenecks and seamlessly digitize the entire process.
Blockchain will also help in curbing the issue of food wastage. Per the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, around forty percent of food get lost before reaching the market each year, due to improper management of foodstuff.
With blockchain technology, the food industry will be able to utilize assets and data efficiently and safely, thereby eliminating food wastage.
Notably, highly reputable organizations in the food industry such as Nestle and Unilever are seriously looking towards integrating blockchain technology.
Blockchain will also foster more accountability in the food industry, eliminate third parties and invariable mitigate the risk of food spoilage and ultimately reducing global hunger.
DLT can undoubtedly bring the same change it installed in the banking industry to the food and supply chain worlds.
The Delicia AI and Smart Contracts algorithm help in tackling the menace of food wastage and spoilage by making it easy for food buyers to find the best suppliers for the food they need quickly.
The global food market is estimated at $1.7 trillion and is expected to rise to 3 trillion by 2020.
Delicia will remove all intermediaries in the food industry thereby making it easy for restaurateurs and retailers to communicate directly with consumers.
Delicia will help users get access to affordable food wherever they may be in the world. The AI systems of Delicia ranks sellers and buyers and matches the most trusted seller to credible buyers.
The team is looking to launch their DFT token, which will be built upon the Ethereum blockchain. Delicia has launched a token sale that would help raise funds for the massive project ahead.
The Delicia team is also trying to collaborate with the United Nations to make the project a highly successful one, benefiting a vast array of nations globally.
With the successful launch of Delicia, food waste, hunger and starvation caused by mismanagement and lack of transparency in the food industry will become a thing of the past.
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