Decentralized Network Fluence Officially Launches Blockchain-Based Database DEMO

Fluence Decentralised Network Officially Launched by the Blockchain-Based Database Provider, Fluence

Blockchain-based database provider, Fluence, has announced that a demo for the Fluence decentralized network has been launched, with the full-scale network still in the pipeline.

The new Fluence decentralized network can process and store data from various centralized and decentralized sources, and making it accessible for applications via different data interfaces (SQL, noSQL and more).

While decentralized applications are gradually going mainstream, the fact remains that a lot of infrastructures needed to carry out complex business functions are still unavailable.

Fluence network has been able to bridge the gap by providing a trustless decentralized platform for the applications, which will enable safe and efficient data processing and make the data accessible for various apps by creating custom data interfaces.

Just like every industry across the globe, the cryptocurrency ecosystem has its own shortcomings too, including a lack of broader adoption and integration of decentralized applications (dApps).

Also, major platform blockchain networks like the Ethereum smart contracts network is often plagued with scalability issues.

Amidst this backdrop, Fluence network is working round the clock to eliminate all the challenges plaguing the cryptosphere and ultimately become the backbone for decentralized Web3.0.

Present at the just concluded Web3 Summit, which is an event for expert decentralized application developers, Fluence CTO, and co-founder, Dmitry Kurinsky showcased the demo and reiterated that:

“This demonstration allows to easily understand all the Fluence network components and what it’s capable of. Any developer with basic knowledge of javascript and SQL can go through the instructions and have the working application up and running within an hour — the time we hope to reduce to a couple of minutes and few lines of code. Making Fluence easily accessible for the developers is one of our primary goals.”

The demo will be made available for the public at the company’s GitHub repository.

About Fluence

The Fluence network is a highly functional open-source blockchain project from the stables of Fluence Labs.

The primary objective of the team is to develop a robust protocol that would power an entirely decentralized network of independent nodes capable of receiving, processing, storing and aggregating data from various decentralized sources and make the data accessible through several interfaces.




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