DataTrading Company Makes a Breakthrough in Trade Forecasting


DataTrading is a company of a new generation that developed a platform for trade forecasting, entirely based on Artificial Intelligence. Each trader can now join the community that is changing the history of trading by using this revolutionary technology. The forecasts that traders create are much more accurate and do not depend on the human factor.

Among the key benefits of DataTrading are a unique AI constructor of trading strategies, entirely based on neural networks and machine learning; the easy-to-use platform which enables each participant of the community no matter what his background is to use the platform only after 1 day of learning; a big number of products that bring valuable benefits.

Artificial Intelligence, which is hugely associated with advanced technologies of Apple, IBM, Google, Samsung, and other global corporations is now available to an ordinary trader thanks to DataTrading.

The company has huge potential and ambitions for the future. In order to have enough funds and a community of the best traders, it has made the decision to run a token sale. In case of DataTrading it will consist of a pre-sale which opens on 11.20.2017, closes on 11.30.2017 and two rounds of the token sale.

Round A is run for the eastern region from 12.18.2017 till 01.08.2018 and Round B is run for the western region respectively from 02.01.2018 till 02.22.2018.

What is more, all pre-sale and sale participants will get a unique opportunity to join the beta testing of the platform. The other privilege granted to the participants is 30% bonus for pre-sale and 20% bonus for the token sale of DataTrading.

Among the nearest future plans of DataTrading for 2018 are expansion of the team of developers; сreation of a trading advisor; forecasting of stock/ crypto-assets; development of analytical tools for fundamental and news analysis of the stock/ crypto market on the module of artificial intelligence and a Stock screener and crypto-assets on the basis of neural networks.

DataTrading has all chances to become one of the most successful companies in trade forecasting and using Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool for it.
Join the token sale and enjoy the new quality of trading with DataTrading!

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