DAOBet Blockchain-Based Betting Platform Now Open For Registration

DAOBet Blockchain-Based Betting Platform Now Open For Registration

DAOBet, a blockchain-based gaming platform has opened its platform up for registration by people interested in launching their own node in the testing of the DAObet blockchain mainnet.

The DAOBet team is also looking to make the DAO.Wallet available to everyone in the DAOBet ecosystem shortly.

Since its almost impossible to ensure those validator nodes are secure and hack-proof before the launch of the mainnet, DAOBet has decided to run a testnet game to fix any loopholes and check worst-case scenarios that could impede the smooth running of the platform.

DAOBet Game of Stakes

TheDAOBet Game of Stakes event is an exciting game that allows participants to make the DAOBet blockchain more secure and stable, get an in-depth experience of the ecosystem and earn exciting prices.

Interested participants are required to have strong social, economic and technical strategies. Players will need to monitor their software status in real-time and put up a strong defense against cyberattacks and vile non-cartel validators.


The DAOBet team has set aside a whopping 0.3 percent of the total BET tokens in existence for the competition.

Game of Stakes is team IT game of applicants competing for the role of a network validator. Each player tries to protect the network in the best way possible, from both internal and external attacks and ensure the network run smoothly.

Players are required to produce blocks in a stable manner and every signed block will be counted as validator points.

Participants will also be required to build a fault-tolerant system for the node and ensure the node operates in a frictionless way and try to quickly update the software version, while also collaborating with other validators to orchestrate a hard fork.

Validators will also need to send transactions over the network and understand the voting process.

The top three validators will share a total of 500 000 BET tokens and all vital information pertaining to the competition will be published in DAOBet’s validator channel on Telegram.

During the competition, the DAOBet team will run the complete working copy of its proposed mainnet and all forms of scenarios, including attacks, code updates, governance issues, and others will be launched randomly.

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