DailyCoin ICO is Live – The next Big Thing in digital asset e-commerce !


Hello, Crypto lovers! You must agree with me that the blockchain has changed the way we look at everything… Forever. Internet, trade, sharing, accountability, power, money, government, everything is changing!
The New World Order is here. And it is shaking the ‘old normal’ to the core, especially with the rate at which the technology seems to be gaining popularity. Of late, about $500 billion worth of the world’s assets are held in cryptocurrency. And we are just getting started.
The blockchain is younger than the youngest teenager to date, after coming to international attention in 2009. So apart from the top cryptocurrencies, one is tempted to ask: Are there minor altcoins that hold an actual potential of changing a major aspect of our lives? I will delve into one such crypto, the DailyCoin (DLC), and its lofty dream of revolutionizing e-commerce for all time.
About DailyCoin.co (code: DLC)
Invariably, when you think about e-commerce, you are going to want a technology that accords you good convenience, safety, privacy, and value for money. You want to make cheap annd fast transactions. And this is what DailyCoin strives to provide.
And by addressing current challenges and how DLC is addressing them, you will begin to see why… The e-commerce pain points addressed by DailyCoin:
• 30-50% commission transaction: Only 0% commission transaction in Dailycoin solution such as Dailymarket.net. That make great circulation to increase Dailycoin prices on the exchange
• Elimination of User Suspensions: Which happens mainly only because users are evaluated after the damage has already been done. DLC, using blockchain technology, ensures that vetting is done in real time, fairly, and that it is double-edged. Buying customers rate merchants and merchants rate their buying customers.
• Transparent Merchant Reputations: You get to buy only from merchants whose information and reputation is available and immutable on the blockchain.
• Elimination of Third Party Money Transfer: Ensuring proper, safe, private and secure real time, peer to peer transfer of value, round the clock.
• More filtered and accurate rating system: Only buying customers get to grade vendors. It allows for more objective viewpoints, supplied by the customer who has experience with the vendors in question.
• High Transaction Fees: If you are not trading e-commerce on the blockchain, you are using third parties to transfer value. DailyCoin brings peer to peer, in true blockchain technology, with very reduced rates, which will move from a high of 50% to manageable rates of 0% !
• Price and detail updates flexibility: With DLC, you know you can adjust your prices as and when you want.
• Security, Privacy, and Anonymity: The blockchain was created to provide the ultimate experience regarding transaction privacy and security. No one needs to know what you are buying, what you are buying, and how much you are paying. DLC upholds these principles for you.
• Instant and Cheap World Commerce: You want to buy overseas? Fine, DLC is worldwide, and it will be recognized and accepted overseas, and therefore money transfer is fast, peer to peer, and cheap!
DailyCoin ICO
The beauty of this blockchain is that it is still in the formative stages. There is an ongoing crowd sale of its tokens.
The DailyCoin Sale is on! It started on December 2017, and it is ongoing (ICO end in 01/25/2018), with many benefits as tabulated below or see detail in Official ICO: Website: www.dailycoin.co
Fanpage: fb.com/dailycoin.co Telegram: t.me/dailycoin
Final thoughts Looking for 0% commission e-Commerce Opportunities? There are many claimants to this space, but the blockchain technology is the best and most reliable way of doing e-commerce, and DailyCoin.co is the current leader in this space.
And we intend to remain this way for the foreseeable future. So if you adjudge blockchain e-commerce to be the tech for the future, rush before the door closes. This could be just your thing. And the rates look amazing by industry standards…

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