Daily Crypto Price Analysis: XRP, Nano and Dogecoin

Daily Crypto Price Analysis: XRP, Nano and Dogecoin

After a bearish last quarter of 2018, investor optimism is slowly picking. For most coins in the top twenty bracket, chart patterns have gone green with the Bulls looking to continue the upward rally. Today’s focus coins are bullish except Dogecoin which has been experiencing a downward rally since November 2018 when it went down by 49%.


The XRP/USD pair is up by 2.69% over the last 24 hours. This is after an upward rally that saw yesterday’s average price of $0.37340 bettered to $0.37654. The current market Bull Run picked the upward momentum yesterday, with both moving averages (B and C) headed upwards. This signals an upward trend that may push the price to the $0.4 mark

Throughout the last 24 hours, support held at $0.366 while resistance was at around the $0.38 mark. This shows a strong charge by the Bulls, given the small price oscillation range. If the Bull Run is to continue for Ripple, the current Resistance zone is likely to be tested and breached.

In terms of market activity, Ripple holds a market cap of $15.02 Billion and its trading volume in the last 24 hours was $429 Million with the RSI (marked A) at the ‘normal’ zone.



Nano is up by 5.79% today across the various markets. It went through an upward rally that saw price pushed from $0.9832 to $1.0266. This can perhaps be attributed to the partnership between Silvaco and Nano coin.

At the moment, investor sentiments are at an all-time high with the RSI threatening to move into the ‘under-bought’ area as can be seen in point A. The Bullish trend has seen price find support above the $1 mark. The upward rally is expected to push the pair upwards to $1.1 with both the 7 and the 21 day EMAs (B and C) below the current price level.

The pair’s outlook is that of a Bull Run that may be here to stay.


Over the last 24 hours, Dogecoin has taken a beating to register a 3.8% loss. It fell from $0.00228400 to the current rate of $0.00228512. This is after Dogecoin went through a Bull Run while a vast majority of Altcoins were taking a dip last year.

This saw investor sentiments also go down. The Relative Strength Index (A) was at one time at 35, threatening to cross over into the ‘oversold’ area. This means that investors are looking to dispose of their Dogecoin holdings.