Czech based Arbolet Announces English Localization

Czech based Arbolet Announces English Localization

Arbolet, a Czech-based platform on the internet, where users can shop, watch movies, make money, communicate with people and invest in cryptocurrency recently launched its English localization.

The Platform

The platform is a unique extensive environment with an ‘’internal’’ internet without any form of restriction or censorship. The platform Is not just a bitcoin wallet, but an avenue that gives users the opportunity to appreciate funds up to 21% per annum or fix the funds to the selected fiat currency, thereby reducing the risk of losing when Bitcoin price drops.

The aim of the founders of the platform is to prove to the financial community that banks are no longer needed.

Arbolet’s earnings majorly come from investing bitcoin funds into exciting projects.

The components of Arbolet includes:

  •    The bitcoin wallet
  •    Crypto news, Bitcoin mixer, games, and quizzes
  •    Personal payment gateway for e-shops and users

The platform also creates a form of accessibility for those with visual challenges, so they won’t be denied the opportunity of enjoying the benefit the platform has to offer.

New users can also catch up quickly with the Arbolet’s simple learning system; the platforms also appreciate its users by rewarding the most active members of the community with juicy and enticing packages. The more the participation in the projects, the more the earnings of the user.

One of the significant merits of using Arbolet is the security of funds and the guarantee of user’s privacy. By eliminating the domineering powers of the banks, Arbolet is creating an alternative world, where goods and services are paid for in Cryptocurrencies with ease and enough comfort.

From Users for Users

Arbolet keeps the original idea of the internet as a Peer to Peer network, whereby computers are connected and communicate directly with each other without the existence of a central server.

Which means that everybody can create and profit from what they have produced.

Financial instrument is a community portal that is focused on issues relating to cryptocurrency and also a financial instrument tool that provides FIAT/ BTC wallets.

The primary objective of the platform is to educate and integrate people who are interested in digital currencies and wants to make money through them within three years.

The Arbolet community is growing gradually and currently has over 25,000 active users, with most of them coming from the Czech Republic.

The Arbolet team is equipped with programmers who ensures that the system is running without a glitch while putting users’ privacy at the top of their agenda.

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