Launches New Cryptocurrency Research Platform to help Traders Launches New Cryptocurrency Research Platform to help Traders recently revealed the launch of its state-of-the-art cryptocurrency research platform, aimed at helping digital asset traders make informed crypto decisions, while also learning a skill or two on the platform.

A New Crypto Research Platform

Though new, but the tools entrenched in the recently launched crypto research platform, will transform the lives of many in the cryptosphere.
Traders will have the rare privilege to make fail-proof decisions in a super volatile crypto market that changes virtually every time.
The new platform offers real-time updates on all the cryptocurrency prices, CoinMarketCap, 24 hours volume and all the significant information needed by the trader to trade profitably in the crypto market.
Early traders who cashed in on the Bitcoin surge to the moon made a lot of money, which resulted in people trooping into the market for quick profit.
But due to market volatility, most traders are easily frightened and withdraw their funds, which is negatively affecting the crypto market.
In other to instill confidence in the traders, is determined to educate new traders on how to make informed decisions in the market, to help the trader in all his/her dealings while conducting the crypto transactions.
Though the process will be rigorous, is ready to go on the journey with each trader. The operations include

  •    Research and going through their basic social media handles to see how well they converse with their community and to see if there is any important information to be shared.
  •    Vigorously read the company whitepaper to know the aim and objective of the project and determine if they will add value to the cryptospace.
  •    Go through the company’s subreddit page to check how strong the community is, an active community is a positive signal towards the success of the project.

The objective of is to provide the traders with all the essential information they need in a straightforward tool.
Relevant information like price changes and movement are updated without delays from the major exchanges.
This will in turn aid the trader in making his/her next move and do the necessary research with the latest data at his/her fingertips. apart from the above features also boasts of a currency calculator, which will help the trader to convert and calculate with real-time prices to fiat.
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