Cryptocurrency Exchange Giants “DragonEx” Spreads Tentacles into the Heart of Thailand.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Giants “DragonEx” Spreads Tentacles into the Heart of Thailand.

DragonEx is surely taking the bull by the horn covering territories and breaking grounds in its quest to reach millions and render quality services at all times.
Its recent conquest is the city of Bangkok which is the center of activities in Thailand.  The company concluded its press conference in Thailand themed ‘Maintain Core Beliefs, Pursue Global Vision’ to inform the public of its branch that has been established there.
The gigantic edifice where the operations center is situated contains close to 30 employees from all walks of life with one major aim; to channel all effort into global business development and operation.
More than 1000 active users can be boasted of by the organization since the introduction of her global identity authentication system last month.
During the Conference, the company stated its plans on how to better and take over the global market. Some of these strategies mentioned by Finn Zhang who is the CIO include the following;
Set up many exchange points in various countries like Belarus, Ukraine, Brazil, and Cambodia that will see to the development of digital monies depending on the weight of blockchain activities that is carried out there.
Strictly adhere to international regulations which include European and US color policy to help them distinguish negative and positive on trading platforms.
Ensure that service centers are erected in different countries where customers’ services will always be available every time of the day.
Utilizing Europe and US blockchain instruments to improve security, and protect various startup blockchain companies.
So many exchanges are giving their best, what however makes DragonEx stand out include the fact that it promises safe and tight security, Marvin Yan, DragonEx CTO stated: “Our priority is to maintain the security system and ensure that our users’ assets are safe.”
He made it clear that the Exchange is willing to work hand in hand with both local and international financial and security agencies to ensure that user’s data and assets are safely kept.
Aside from their distinction in Security, the company has been tagged “The Most User-friendly Cryptocurrency Exchange” due to its simple features that anyone can adapt to.

Seasoned Team Members.

DragonEx is not willing to take any chances as the company has taken its time to filter and select the best individuals to make up their team.
Announced at the conference are three key members steering the ship of the company towards achieving its well-drawn plans are; Finn Zhang CIO, Marvin Yan CTO, and Kevin Xun CPO all of whom have a vast wealth of knowledge from their many years of experience in different fields.
Furthermore, it will interest you to know that DragonEx is not looking at taking a stop in Thailand; the company is looking at organizing a tour this month in China to create more awareness and drag in more investors.
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