CryptoCoin.Pro Implements Blockchain Technology in its Virtual Blockchain Summit 2020

CryptoCoin.Pro Implements Blockchain Technology in its Virtual Blockchain Summit 2020

In the just-concluded 2020 Virtual Blockchain Summit, CryptoCoin.Pro boasts to have organized the world’s first tokenized blockchain event. The event that was scheduled on June 11th to 12th, was able to circumvent the global coronavirus challenge that is hindering physical meetings.

It was a huge win for the blockchain industry that is growing at a fast rate, especially with the COVID-19 crisis era. The event’s success will go a huge way in assisting other global organizers who are pushing for virtual summits. One example is the oncoming WWDC20 organized by Apple Inc. that is scheduled to start on June 22.

According to the press release on the Virtual Blockchain Summit 2020, the event was achieved through a tech twist that used Streams. live video streaming solutions. “The organizers of the Virtual Blockchain Summit have been working on this solution so that the world can have a seat at the table with some of the best people in the industry,” the press release stated.

During the event, each speaker who participated in the event was awarded ownership tokens in the company which organizes VBS. It was made possible by the tokenization technology from Tokeny Solutions, which has been working CryptoCoin.Pro in the project.

Blockchain Technology and Virtual Blockchain Summit 2020 Bigger Picture

Tokenization is the process of protecting sensitive data by replacing it with algorithmically generated digits known as the Tokens. Some of the panellists who featured in the event included Miko Matsumura from EverCoin, Henri Arslanian from FinTech Association, Beniamin Mincu from Elrond Network, Daniel Coheur from Tokeny Solutions, and Sergiu Draganus from Cryptocoin.Pro.


Cryptocoin.Pro specializes with FIAT- crypto payment and withdrawal services by deploying GUI and API credit cards and also bank transfers. On the other hand, Tokeny Solutions majors in assisting different market players to dematerialize assets through the blockchain, hence allowing them to reach the global market.

As the global market gets reshaped by the coronavirus outbreak, industries that will implement blockchain technology in their daily operation will be on a vantage point to compete with competitors.

However, the increase in different tokens in the market will be both advantageous and at the same time a disadvantage. This is because as more tokens get introduced in the market, the better service delivery to people who need the services and at the same time the higher number of tokens might trigger global scams in an unprecedented way.

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