CryptoCoin.Po Launches ICO Suite for Blockchain Projects

CryptoCoin.Po Launches ICO Suite for Blockchain Projects

One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms, CryptoCoin.Pro has introduced an ICO service suite,  to facilitate the operations of both established and upcoming projects.
This new project brought by brings value and stability through its vision to the crypto space.
The fully authorized Cryptocurrency exchange and ICO services platform, CryptoCoin.Pro, provides  Initial Coin Offering (ICO) organizers with customized arrangements aimed at solving their problems. The organization is putting forth support to both new and established crypto organizations.
In order to overcome the previous challenges involved in investment in the crypto space, CryptoCoin.Pro  is empowering ICOs to prevent losses. Since the cryptocurrency exchange organization is bank friendly and reliable, this is ensured.
Utilizing CryptoCoin.Pro, tokens can be sold specifically for FIAT (Credit Cards, Bank Transfers) and Crypto (ETH/BTC). Also, CryptoCoin.Pro provides to the Blockchain projects, a complete list of solutions for enhancing their presale phase.
Valentin Socaci, Operational Director of CryptoCoin.Pro opined that;

“During the past several weeks the Company successfully tested its enhanced service packages on various ICOs bringing value and expertise to its clients.”

Financial institutions like Kuende, the first blockchain fueled social network and IPSX  world’s first decentralized IP Sharing exchange, are starting to bring value to the market and its clients.
Earlier in May 2018, the startup introduced a lot of new packages, some of which include:

  •    Highly functional banking relations management system, to foster a cordial relationship between the platform and traditional financial institutions.
  •    Know-your-customer (KYC) and Anti-money Laundering services handled by a dedicated compliance officer.
  •    Facilitating fiat-to-crypto transactions as well as debit and credit card transactions.
  •    Cryptocurrency wallet which makes it easy for users to store, buy or sell their digital assets.
  •    24/7 live customer care service and more.

Based on intensive research engaged by CryptoCoin.Pro, AML Compliant funding, Licensed Exchange Services, and Cloud Wallet Safety was suggested as the solutions recently faced by the existing ICO market problems.
The platform also offers AML Compliant Funds through a unique substance relating to the issuing of a solitary PROOF of assets from an authorized element that guarantees controllers and banks of the cash provenience.
Authorized Exchange Services alludes to the Fiat-to-Crypto and Crypto-to-Fiat arrangements given by CryptoCoin.PRO, enabling clients to purchase bitcoin, ethereum and different digital forms of money from FIAT, specifically with credit cards(MasterCard, VISA) and permitting the ICO organizers to get the FIAT should be secured quick.
CryptoCoin.Pro gives a crypto-wallet which permits the crypto-financial specialist not just to keep the coveted tokens in a protected situation, yet to likewise have the capacity to trade to fiat specifically.
The new ICO items are readily available now and can be found in detail on’s site. On this page, customers can start up a plan to see the benefits attached.
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