Crypto to Stay Popular in 2022 – User Stats Show High Demand for Digital Currencies

Crypto to Stay Popular in 2022 – User Stats Show High Demand for Digital Currencies

22, February 2022, Tallinn: Following the crypto market cap’s immense growth by 187.5% in 2021, CoinLoan, the only EU-licensed provider of crypto products, shares impressive results in its previous year. The company’s annual report reflects higher demand for crypto services and products. The CoinLoan active userbase grew nine times, its exchange volumes rose by 2,409% over the year, achieving these results due to constant improvement and innovation. The next big announcement from the company is the Visa Debit Crypto Card launch set to 2022. Users will store, exchange, and make payments in crypto or fiat worldwide with the card. 

CoinLoan aims to become a reliable crypto ecosystem compliant with European and international law by providing various services in one place. At the moment, it’s the following products:

  • Crypto wallet – the number of deposited funds increased by 434%
  • Crypto savings accounts  – deposits grew by 1,718%
  • Crypto-backed loans – rose by more than 2,000%
  • Crypto exchange – 2,400% surged turnover

The company achievements made in the previous year are due to the ongoing platform development meeting users’ demands: as for 2021, the company clients used eight new currencies to make them collateral for loans, swap on the exchange, and earn interest for hodling. The major CoinLoan updates released for the web and mobile app addressed the financial reporting, increasing transparency on the platform, and corporate onboarding. 

Alex Faliushin, CEO of CoinLoan, said: “Our strong culture and values are the results of a business built on specialization, team spirit, integrity, and accountability. Our values shape how we conduct our business, provide services to our customers, interact with each other, and support our community. We put a strong emphasis on quality and security, scanning and crash-testing our system daily to make it stronger, and partnering with white-hat hackers to keep it ironclad.”

2022 started with CoinLoan launching its unique partial loan repayment feature and will continue with announcing new currencies, integrating tax services, implementing margin trading, and improving the platform functionality. The company updates are always user-oriented and will continue to meet customers’ demands by developing the platform based on users’ needs. 


You can see the full CoinLoan 2021 Annual Report here

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About CoinLoan

CoinLoan is the only EU-licensed provider of crypto products founded back in 2017 and becoming one of the pioneers of crypto lending on the market. The platform offers crypto-backed loans, savings accounts, and crypto exchange for individual and corporate clients. Furthermore, the platform bank-grade security and insurance on customers’ assets from a certified custodian ensures the highest protection level. 

Beneficial loan and interest rates, pricing transparency, and the 24/7 friendliest customer support are the main reasons behind the high customer retention rate. CoinLoan is a convenient tool for managing a wide range of crypto and fiat currencies, including the CoinLoan native token. 

The company is focused on bringing innovation to the market through state-of-the-art technology and providing a positive user experience by constantly improving the platform and adding new features.