Crypto Summer: When Are The Whales Going To Come In?

Whales Moved Total of $396 Million Worth of Bitcoin in the Past Month

Summer is here!

Crypto is about to blow up, but the guys who make a splash in Bitcoin prices are nowhere to be found.

In the 2017 bull run, these guys (known as whales) made prices go so fast that everyone thought that they were the cartel that Satoshi was trying to avoid when he created bitcoin in the first place.

The truth is that the whales who significantly controlled the price of bitcoin in 2017 are nowhere to be found in 2019 and this is because they ruled via speculation.

This is also why Bitcoin’s price rose wildly without any fundamental basis for its rising.


Those whales were crypto-gamblers, for the lack of a better term to describe them.

New Whales are on the Horizon

In the absence of the gamblers who manipulated prices indiscriminately, there are a new set of whales who will start making their appearances in bits anytime from now.

This time, the new whales will be the big guns in the regular World.

Big Banking

Yes, at some point this summer, big banking will try to take on the exciting new world of cryptocurrencies.

They will first start with Bitcoin.

They will use the normal tactics that they employ on market manipulations.

From advanced trading using artificial intelligence to blatant price manipulations via “pumping and dumping” finance inc. will do its best to make sure that they influence things.

The good news, however, is that they don’t have that much influence when it comes to cryptocurrencies as the democratization of money prevents the big guys from having central control.

Everyone Else

The other Big whales who would come in include corporate giants (the tech guys are in already), Nation-states and just about anyone who thinks that the price of Bitcoin can be controlled by a few.

Guess what?

They are in for a big surprise!

Bitcoin’s price no longer belongs to anyone!

What do you think?

Would the whales control Bitcoin prices this summer?

Let us know in the comments below!

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