Top Crypto News Aggregators Every Crypto Enthusiast Should Know About

Top Crypto News Aggregators Every Crypto Enthusiast Should Know About

The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies is a market in constant motion. The news flows regularly, and in just a few hours the hottest topic becomes stale news.
Those who invest in this world need to be immediately informed, checking the news from various sources, not only to corroborate its veracity but also to have as much information as possible.

Learning of an event hours after it can be catastrophic for those who invest in this type of market (or any other). And for those of you who don’t believe it, this chart may serve as an incentive.

Let’s say you gave up your $5,000 in Bitconnect, the most hyped crypto on the market and decided to take a well-deserved 2-week break to start the year. Boom! Even on that bearish streak, finding out a few hours later could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars in losses.
This is why news aggregators exist. They are programs that automate the work for you, giving users a complete summary of the latest news that second by second publish the best websites. However, being so many choices out there, it is difficult to pick the best: Here is a list of the top options any Cryptocurrency Investor should consider:


Cryptopanic is without a doubt the most used news aggregator in all the crypto sphere: Its sources, speed, and constant updating make it the best choice for those who want to follow the best news.

Something that sets it apart from the rest is that it is a kind of “social network” for enthusiastic crypto enthusiasts, allowing users to interact with the portal, classifying each news item, allowing each person to get an objective and human opinion of each piece before reading it. You can see whether or not the audience liked the news, whether it has a bullish or bearish potential, whether it is fake news and even make fun of it with a LOL button.


On the right side, there is the price behavior of the top cryptocurrencies while on the left side there are several options such as “sign in,” “saved news,” “change interface” or subscribe to a “pro version” with more options and improvements.

The best option for those who want to know beforehand what others think and how every news can influence individual decisions in the markets.


Coinspectator is still committed to a simple and minimalist design. It offers a timeline with the most up-to-date news, a subscription option, a change of interface button, a personal blog and an ICO monitoring option.

What makes it unique is that in their blog they choose the most critical news and publish them directly on the portal. Something worth taking into account since an expert’s opinion can always be more important than some programming algorithm.
Ideal for those who prefer a human touch in an automated world.


If Coinmarketcap offered the news service, the result would be Coinlib. This is one of the most worked out news aggregators at the interface level.

It displays the behavior with real-time changes of all the cryptos, sorting them by performance in periods ranging from 1 hour to 1 month. Likewise, when searching for a specific token, it offers information about its behavior in a beautiful interface to provide the latest relevant news about it.

The same goes for the “Exchanges” option: their volume, the most traded pairs, and the most important information appear in graphics that are very beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Afterward, the news of each one of them appears in real time in the lower part of the page.

It also has other vital tools such as a bitcoin widget, price browser for arbitrage, price alert, calculator for converting cryptos, etc.

An excellent choice for dedicated traders who enjoy graphics more than just numbers when trading.


Cryptocontrol is a news aggregator focused on the visual. Its curious design is entirely different from the rest: the news do not appear on a timeline but in several boxes that can be seen on the screen.

Each box has a specific size and color. The color determines the category of the news item while the size determines its importance. The bigger the box, the more important or relevant it is.

An excellent choice for those who are more visual and creative.


FAWS is a news aggregator that allows users to follow the latest news from over 30 reputable sources. Among those are some dedicated to cryptos and others whose primary focus is on the financial and general business area.

This helps to obtain first-hand information from experts who, although not directly related to the blockchain area, can influence or issue essential opinions on the subject. George Soros’ decisions to invest in crypto first appeared on business portals and were later covered by the crypto related news websites.

It allows the creation of watchlists with different sets of cryptos, portfolio tracking, check on the behavior of the essential cryptos, and alerts when the crypto assets reach a certain price. You also have an option to subscribe to the press releases of the most important altcoins.
An excellent option for those traders who cannot keep an eye on their exchanges and wish to have a more general overview of the cryptosphere.


CoinNa News Aggregator comes straight to the point. It is ideal for those who are looking for a clean interface and simply want to have the best news on hand right away. Its news search engine is a useful tool that lets you use keywords to see the different coverage that an event receives.

CoinNa also has a menu that allows filtering the news by altcoins, providing a better fundamental analysis focused on a single market. The news are filtered in order of importance or order of publication.

An ideal choice for those who not only want to read the news without the need for other technical terms.


News Now is a news aggregator in the entire term of the word. It focuses on a variety of topics. Ideal for those who want to have first-hand information, while drinking their coffee in the morning. It’s an excellent replacement for the newspaper. However, it has a section dedicated to cryptocurrencies that is worth checking out.


Being so many news aggregators out there to choose from, it is difficult to make a list. Opinions are always subjective, and each person can agree or disagree. Among those that do not appear on this list but are worth mentioning we find:


CryptoCoinOwl is an aggregator that focuses on the behavior of cryptocurrency. As soon as the page opens, the first thing to be observed is the three most bullish and the three most bearish cryptos. Very useful information for those interested in scalping and day trading.

It also provides information on sudden alerts (useful for fast and risky investments) and the cryptos that have had the most significant growth in the last hour. It also allows you to keep track of the prices of the most important cryptos while following their latest news.
Undoubtedly an excellent tool for those who have a portfolio of investments distributed in several altcoins.


CoinBeagle is an excellent news aggregator that provides a simple and instantaneous way of getting the best news in the world of cryptocurrency. It uses known sources without forgetting some less famous websites.

Consultation of this type of media makes it possible to corroborate information, or even, at times, to obtain it first-hand.

We hope this list satisfy the need for information of every crypto user. Maybe the choices are different, but surely these picks are handy for everyone. In the end, the best option for a person is the one that best suits his personality… Nothing is perfect, but there is for sure one news aggregator for every taste.