Crypto Enthusiasts Should Expect 50% Increase In Cryptocurrency Trading In 2019

Crypto Enthusiasts Should Expect 50% Increase In Cryptocurrency Trading In 2019

Cryptocurrency community should expect a 50% increase in the volume of cryptocurrency trading in 2019. A report by Statis Group highlighted the expectations and projections of cryptocurrency trading in the coming years based on some factors.

The Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency market has seen a continuous bearish trend since the beginning of the year. The bearish trend has impacted a market shed of over $500 billion, while there are still speculations of a bullish trend before the end of 2018.
Despite the bearish trend, the optimism of more hay days in the industry is very high, and the industry has experienced growth in innovation and also measures to curb the menaces of the industry.
However, according to a recent report from Statis Group, the cryptocurrency market has two significant challenges facing cryptocurrency investors. These challenges are how to trade and most importantly, how to securely store cryptocurrencies.
Further, these concerns surround the issue of security and regulatory compliance which makes institutional investors wary of where to place their investments. Despite many cryptocurrency exchanges available in the cryptocurrency space, solving these issues remain key to the condition of the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency Trading Will Increase By 50% in 2019

The report further explained that cryptocurrency trading is expected to increase by 50% in the coming year, as the cryptocurrency market will start overcoming the challenges of where to trade and how to store cryptocurrencies.
The study which is tagged Crypto Asset Market Coverage Initiation; the trading and custody does not only highlight the increase of 50% in 2019. Also, there is a projection of a compound annual growth rate until 2028.
The cryptocurrency trading volume is expected to surpass the U.S. corporate debt trading volume in 2018 and on that note to contain at least 10% of the U.S. equity trading volume.
Further, the report noted that 20 top exchanges are accountable for more than 75% of the world cryptocurrency trading volume. Also, Bitcoin is found to dominate one-third of cryptocurrency trading volume, followed by Tether and Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

Why The Increase in Trading Volume?

The increase in trading volume according to the report will be stimulated by growth in the knowledge of the fundamentals of the market.
Notably, the U.S. government and intelligence agencies have tripled their investment into blockchain tech analysis in the past six months, to fish out the trend of illegal activities using cryptocurrencies.