Crypto Banter to Give Out Over $500k To 10 Qualified Community Members

Crypto Banter to Give Out Over $500k To 10 Qualified Community Members

Crypto Banter, a live streaming crypto station founded by Ran Neuner, host of CNBC Crypto Trader, has announced that its initial $10k community giveaway has grown to over $500,000. Notably, the funds are expected to be given to 10 lucky community members who will be chosen randomly after the Crypto Banter Youtube channel surpasses 250,000 subscribers.

“It started off as a fun idea of giving $10000 to our community, and as we started to invest, we realized that the community loved the idea of investments in pre-market allocations that we previously off-limits for the average investor. With this in mind, we went all in using our influence to reward our community. It was supposed to be a cool $10,000 giveaway to reward the community, and it has landed up becoming an opportunity to change lives. The channel has exploded since we launched this initiative. We’re up by over 100% on every metric, we gained over 100k subscribers and got over 5m views in the last 28 days. More than that, our community has engaged more. They love the idea that we are giving back to them and that we may at any point change another life,” the Banter Bags team noted.

According to the team, it made strategic investments in several altcoins that have since gone up by a factor of 100 or more. Some of the investments noted include Shopx, Aioz, Refineable, and Occam. Thanks to the ongoing bull market, the Crypto Banter Bags giveaway could rally further, attracting more people to the community.

The Crypto Banter was conceived to reward the community for their participation in the platform and has since grown to a life-changing event. According to the team, five of the ten lucky winners have already been selected randomly with the rest expected to be announced soon.