Crypterium Wallet Offers Cheap, Fast, and Secure Means of Acquiring Digital Assets

Crypterium Wallet Offers Cheap, Fast, and Secure Means of Acquiring Digital Assets

As the cryptocurrency market grows exponentially due to both institutional and retail adoption, Crypterium wallet now offers users a cheap, fast, and secure means for purchasing digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin among others.

The Crypterium wallet is freely available on the App Store and also on the Play Store. Thus, anyone can download the application and access the crypto market easily.

According to the company, Crypterium wallet accepts both Visa and MasterCard purchases. Users can purchase a minimum of 2 EUR and a maximum of 5000 EUR. For any purchase below 250 EUR, users pay 2% transaction fees while crypto purchases above 250 EUR users pay 1% transaction fees.

“If you are a new user, Crypterium will charge zero commission on your first purchase. 0% fee on the first crypto purchase-including BTC,” the company noted in a press release.

By connecting users’ card details with the wallet account, crypto purchases of supported digital assets are made instant. The Crypterium wallet can be used by both novice and experienced cryptocurrency traders. The project’s developers made a simple-to-use interface to enable easier transactions.


According to the company behind Crypterium wallet, it has been in existence since 2018 and prides itself for having more than 350K customers registered in Crypterium Ecosystem. The company estimates a further 5 million users will join the platform in the coming years based on the adoption rate. With the increased competition in the crypto-related startups, Crypterium has put in place measures to ensure future growth sustainability. First, Crypterium is a licensed, fully regulated financial institution in the European Union. Secondly, users’ accounts are protected by 3-layer security, anti-fraud protocol, and insured by BitGo.

Notably, the firm offers up to 200 different trading crypto pairs from 10 different top cryptocurrency exchanges. Besides a cryptocurrency wallet, Crypterium also offers a plastic and virtual card for free to allow users to shop from different global outlets easily.

CRPT, the native cryptocurrency of Crypterium, tripled its price in the last four months. Moreover, CRPT trading volume skyrocketed 1288% on major exchanges within a day. Notably, the asset was trading around $0.4722 at the time of reporting. In addition, Crypterium reported CRPT had a market capitalization of approximately $39.6 million.

Crypterium allows investors to fund its project through CRPT purchases and holding. The firm has reported over 1800 investors who have invested over 2.2 million EUR.