Cryptaur Blockchain Project Announce Alliance With NEM and ProximaX at Gitex Future Starts Conference

Cryptaur Blockchain Project Announce Alliance With NEM and ProximaX at Gitex Future Starts Conference

Cryptaur distributed ledger technology (DLT) project has joined forces with ProximaX and NEM following the public demonstration of the X-Game platform recently in Dubai.

Cryptaur, a decentralized P2P ecosystem has allied with ProximaX and NEM following the debut public demonstration of X-Game at GITEX Future Stars 2018 held in Dubai earlier in October.

With the new partnership, Cryptaur will be promoted in all regions where NEM and ProximaX are supported.

Importantly, ProximaX will be utilized within X-Game in hosting the ePassports of users and store the data of game characters and their associated elements.

On the other hand, NEM will function as a decentralised registry for Cryptaur users.

With many blockchain news platforms already recognising Cryptaur as a leading crypto platform, the partnership agreement was signed by Lon Wong, the First President of the NEM project and founder of ProximaX.

The X-Game Advantage

X-Game, an innovative blockchain-powered game uses the play-to-earn (P2E) concept to allow players to get rewarded with Cryptaur tokens while playing the game.

Players of the game can withdraw their CPT tokens earned during gameplay or convert it into fiat money.

X-Game is poised to revolutionize the gaming ecosystem by eliminating the old play-to-Win (P2W) model with P2E.

While the Free-to-Play (F2P) model is the most common model in the gaming ecosystem because it allows players to play games free of charge and enables gaming platforms to get rewards via in-game adverts, its popularity is however limited.

It’s worth noting that F2P games are not entirely free as they rely on the P2W model where users purchase lots of in-game items which they have no way to redeem for cash in real life.

“ProximaX will be an important element in ensuring user confidence in the Cryptaur platform. In the near future, we plan to implement the storage of personal documents of our participants based on ProximaX, reliably protecting them with modern encryption algorithms,” said Dmitri Burlak, CEO of Cryptaur.

Launched in 2017 in Cyprus, the new partnership signals an exciting expansion of Cryptaur, in what has been a highly productive year for the platform.

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