Consult Cosmecoin are introducing the first Ethereum based ERC20 smart contract for the global cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics industries.
A Cosmecoin app will connect consumers with trusted partners, recording the process, protecting all parties and rewarding best practice. Connect – Record – Protect – Reward
The award-winning iConsult in clinic software platform is now set to be built on the Ethereum blockchain and will facilitate safe practice, accountability, trust, data protection, bookings, rewards and payments between patients and practitioners within the global cosmetic and aesthetic medical beauty industries.
The Cosmecoin utilizes smart contracts to reward patients/consumers and practitioners and can be traded for products and/or treatments through our network of partners and brands. Cosmecoin aims to become a key part of the infrastructure for the global cosmetic and aesthetic medical beauty industry which today is worth an estimated $57BN (Reference Data on File).
COSX will support our existing iConsult platform, which consists of an iOS App and clinic/salon/spa software and has been designed to develop best practice in terms of trust and accountability between its customers and practitioners.
Our platform drives consumers to trusted and ethical businesses and practitioners whilst creating a feedback and reward system for both consumers and practitioners.
The iConsult team strongly believes in building a user-friendly, future-proof and trusted platform for the global cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine markets, that can be easily used by consumers and practitioners alike, and which has the potential to disrupt the existing marketplace.
Looking forward, iConsult expects the platform to improve patient trust and safety as well as the quality of treatment and accountability for individuals. It should increase bookings and buying habits and allow for the trading of COSX for treatments or products.
The integration of the existing platform with blockchain technology to demonstrate how the combination of iConsult with COSX could transform the way that the consumer selects, books and provides feedback on practitioners.
iConsult is already addressing a number of the current problems affecting the cosmetic surgery, medical and aesthetic beauty industries which is currently disjointed, unsafe and inefficient, leading to lack of trust and confusion for the consumer.
With the introduction of our Consumer App, Cosmecoin and in-clinic software integration, COSX creates a trusted and transparent global cosmetic and medical aesthetic community which rewards consumers/ patients and practitioners for best practice.
Users are rewarded for providing measurable and valuable contributions, either as a practitioner through good service or as a consumer through appointment attendance and provision of feedback and ratings.
Through this reward system COSX aims to reach a broad global market, including a vast number of people who have yet to participate in the cryptocurrency economy.
To find out more about the cosmecoin app and to read the white paper please visit  Twitter: @Cosmecoin Facebook and Instagram: Cosmecoin
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