Blockchain Startups Contract Vault and ChainSecurity Sign Partnership to Revolutionize the Smart Contracts Auditing World

Blockchain Startups Contract Vault and ChainSecurity Sign Partnership to Revolutionize the Smart Contracts Auditing World

Highly Reputable blockchain startup, Contract Vault, which focuses on offering clients customizable legal tech services has now joined forces with ChainSecurity, the leading provider of fully automated Smart Contracts-based audit solutions.
The team is poised to promote the use of Smart contracts across a vast array of businesses safely and securely.
ChainSecurity is the brainchild of ETH Zurich’s ICE centre, while Contract Vault is co-founded by a former MD of one of the reputable crypto mining firms, based in Switzerland. Both firms are determined to use their experience to boost adoption of blockchain and smart contracts systems shortly.
Of a truth, people have interest in smart contracts, but the lack of technical know-how among lawyers and business moguls makes it hard to implement. The shortage of blockchain developers who are experts in the field of smart contracts audits makes it all a risky prospect.
The partnership will make Contract Vault and ChainSecurity to lay a concrete foundation for legal firms and businesses looking to have legally enforceable digital contracts that are powered by smart contracts.
Notably, Contract Vault has partnered with Laux Lawyers and Validity Labs, credible legal tech firms based in Swiss.
Managing Director of Contract Vault, Gordon Mickel reiterated that:

“We see that many people are scared of smart contracts, mostly because they aren’t technical enough to understand them and how to use them. ChainSecurity auditing tools are a great step forward in helping businesses trust the capabilities of this new technology.”

ChainSecurity’s top official, Petar Tsankov stated that:

“For smart contracts to really catch on, we have to get to a point where they are easy to use and to use in conjunction with other areas of technology and business. We like what Contract Vault is doing to make contracts and smart contracts accessible to a broad audience. This is what the industry needs.”

In the coming months, both firms will explore an array of technical integration for various companies especially those who are interested in using smart contracts for their pre token sale processes. Vault token I the native crypto of Contract Vault. It will go on sale on May 1, 2018.
As stated earlier, ChainSecurity provides automated smart contracts audits for clients. It is poised to make its solution usable by various blockchain projects all over the world.
Crypto Vault, on the other hand, enables users to create, use, resell, customise and repurpose legally valid contracts.
ICE is Zurich-based interdisciplinary and interdepartmental research centre. It focuses on the creation of highly secure and reliable systems such as blockchains, data centres and more.
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