Consentium Blockchain Platform Announce Excellent Plans for the Future

Consentium Blockchain Platform Announce Excellent Plans for the Future

After long hours and months of hard work, Consentium was finally able to wrap up its TGE successfully. Back in the news again, as the company has decided to share with their users an updated version of their strategy to achieve their goals.
The first of its kind chat application in the Asian sphere to bless users of the app with cryptocurrency as a reward in other to motivate and promote its extensive usage.
One primary goal of this platform is to remain standing high with shoulders tall as the first in the Asian History to allow the opening of “both a multi-digital currency wallet and a group monetization in one platform.”
In other to make this a reality, the company has decided that its team will be totally consumed with creating a new identity as well as concluding on the functionality of the apps as well as improve the algorithm of the community monetization model.

A Refurbished Consentium App

Users and fans of the Consentium app should be expectant as this coming weeks will unveil a completely different ‘look & feel’ of the app and the website.
Commencement of these releases will be on the 1st of August this year on Android, while iOS will follow on the 10th of September during this time the Community Monetization Model (CCM) would have been fully operational on all platforms.
This is so that all members on the cryptospace will be able to monetize their transaction on the platform conveniently. The CCM will also be of help to “automate and incentivize the in-app community growth.”
The app will be open to people from various tribes who speak languages like English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Korean.

The uniqueness of the App

The two qualities that make this app to stand out are the chat community and the multiple digital (C2C) currency wallets, where members are allowed to do one-on-one transactions individually or as a group.
Here on the Consentium platform, individual efforts will be recognized and highly appreciated.
With the help of the C2C interactions, they will be room for various monetizations of activities at a stretch, gamification, and tiered reward systems is also an added advantage to users on the app.
Also, the Consentium token is powered by Ethereum as Ethereum promotes high speed and token liquidity and suits it perfectly.
Without a doubt, Consentium is all out to dish its most effective and efficient app ever to the Asian community and the crypto-space at large as it strives to daily better the app to fit users needs.
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