ColossusXT Blockchain Project Offers Solutions to the Problems facing Digital Assets

ColossusXT Blockchain Project Offers Solutions to the Problems facing Digital Assets

In a bid to proffer solutions to the many problems facing digital coins, ColossusXT is offering a cryptocurrency that provides speed, efficiency and of course privacy.

Digital Coins Solution

Digital coins have been plagued with a lot of issues in the crypto industry, and quite many startups and established firms have been working round the clock to proffer solution to the problems.
Blockchain startup ColossusXT in its bid to become a household name in the industry will address quite a number of these issues through its decentralized grid, by offering services that are of superior speed, efficiency, and privacy, a feature that is missing in a number of the major alternative coins.
The game changer for ColossusXT is the Colossus Grid, which is a framework for sharing and utilizing computational power and storage.
The unique attributes and features of ColossusXT makes it different from all other alternative coins of the same nature. While some coins possess one layer of privacy, ColossusXT and the Colossus Grid will have two layers of privacy through obfuscation Zerocoin Protocol, and Armis (12p).
The main objective of the layers is to protect users of the Grid while they make use of its resources.
The security feature of ColossusXT is top notch, it uses Masternode and Proof of Stake, both of which will be responsible for its protection and reduce the risk of attack by 51%, coupled with the instant transactions and Zero-fee transactions.
The protection is essential and very important , as ColossusXT evolves to Colossus Grid. The next big thing in the world right now is Grid computing, which signifies that users will start to experience the internet as a computational universe.
The users do not need a vast number of coins to stake on the PoS, though this will go a very long way in determining how often they are being rewarded. Users can only stake if they have at least 1000 Colossus (COLX).

Provision of Solution

ColossusXT tends to provide an innovative solution, which includes using already existing computing power through the colossus Grid, which is then utilized to analyze DATA as well as Storing useful

DATA through the Colossus decentralized storage.

ColossusXT in its wisdom is trying to avoid using complex protocols to tackle major issues but instead opted for a simpler solution to the issues without limiting its success or achievements.
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